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It is on the street Heroes Square, 44 and occupies three rooms
4-10-2016, 17:36 Read more
According to witnesses near the Chernivtsi Regional Administration found a suspicious package.
13-10-2015, 14:24 Read more
Obkradav apartments and institutions
16-09-2015, 09:51 Read more
Bourbaki summoned to the Prosecutor General in the case two years ago
19-08-2015, 18:49 Read more
The activists expelled from his meeting correspondent channel " Inter "
18-08-2015, 16:10 Read more

The government instructed the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and the Ministry of Health 'I submit to the September 15, 2015 offers the possibility of reducing the minimum allowable temperature in the premises to 16 ° C

13-08-2015, 17:19 Read more
ЗМІ: "Дельта Банк" вивів 4 мільярди на фірми своїх співробітників

Attorney General's Office received permission to unscheduled audit of financial-economic activity of JSC "Delta Bank " from 2012 to March 2015
21-07-2015, 12:35 Read more
На Буковині відкрили цех з виробництва кукурудзяних паличок
Products entered the market eight regions of Ukraine
16-07-2015, 13:39 Read more
Міста України постаждали від негоди. В Запоріжжі затопило лікарню (ФОТО, ВІДЕО)
Victims or serious damage as a result of bad weather there
27-06-2015, 10:14 Read more
Чотирьом вчителям подарували квартири в Чернівцях
Reconstructed building of the former school
23-06-2015, 18:18 Read more
Суд на Буковині повернув району приміщення за 177 тисяч
Court acknowledged the illegal possession
22-05-2015, 10:08 Read more
У Чернівцях збудують новий дитсадок (ФОТО)
Its cost - 17 million
6-05-2015, 14:20 Read more
Гуртожиток енергетиків у Чернівцях передали в комунвласність громади
Consent of the city council session gave
2-05-2015, 12:34 Read more
Президент оголосив Коломойському догану

President of Ukraine Poroshenko announced reprimanded the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Igor Kolomoisky
21-03-2015, 00:31 Read more
Екс-чиновник мерії не буде судитися за приміщення, яке відібрала прокуратура
Basil Manchulenko asked not to do politics on his behalf, and the room is not going to fight
17-03-2015, 15:23 Read more
Буковинка Наталія Лупу виборола "бронзу" на Чемпіонаті Європи з легкої атлетики

In Prague, completed the final race of 800 meters within the European Athletics Championships in areas in which Ukrainian Nataliya Lupu took 3rd place
8-03-2015, 18:45 Read more
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