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I called the police and reported a suspicious object
27-07-2016, 17:19 Read more
The perpetrators protocols
26-07-2016, 11:23 Read more
On July 21 Svetlana Kbur not mean the relationship
24-07-2016, 14:05 Read more
Animal appealed to the policemen. At the moment a criminal case.
22-07-2016, 19:22 Read more
At the scene of the crime and money seized cannabis
21-07-2016, 14:11 Read more
Deleted on marijuana " black " market estimated to be worth over 10 thousand
20-07-2016, 19:49 Read more
Released declaration management Police area
19-07-2016, 11:31 Read more
The driver of the police almost shot down another car, without giving preference to oncoming cars motion
18-07-2016, 23:15 Read more
Joseph Oleg said that the investigation of two patrol crews suspended from their duties
18-07-2016, 14:41 Read more
The driver of the motorcycle did not have a driver's license and the vehicle was not registered by him
18-07-2016, 13:05 Read more
An eyewitness reported that people fought and kusavsya plyuvavsya when the patrol tried to pull on it kaydanky
18-07-2016, 00:12 Read more
Press Service reported a police patrol when briefing held
17-07-2016, 23:30 Read more
Including grave and especially grave
16-07-2016, 19:20 Read more
Breathalyzer showed the mark of 2.27 ppm
16-07-2016, 12:09 Read more
У Чернівцях з погонею поліція затримала викрадене авто
The driver ignored a request to stop
15-07-2016, 08:56 Read more
Поліція охорони радить буковинцям убезпечити свої домівки під час відпусток
You can equip your home security alarm
13-07-2016, 08:56 Read more
A few hours after the applicant has identified its absence, saw similar to one of the sites
11-07-2016, 19:16 Read more
Nymydora Staranchuk claims that in 2005 she lost her home in the street Vyzhnytsya through fraudulent methods of law enforcement
11-07-2016, 12:39 Read more
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