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Charity Fair festival was held for the third time
29-09-2016, 17:11 Read more
reported about volunteers raised funds for fighters ATO
27-09-2016, 21:20 Read more
Субсидії можуть отримати майже 60% буковинських сімей
Requirements of the subsidies correspond to about 200 000 families
27-09-2016, 17:11 Read more
Monthly increasing number of those wishing
27-09-2016, 16:01 Read more
This is a quarter more than in the corresponding period last year
27-09-2016, 15:11 Read more
This is money from the tuition fees for the first semester
26-09-2016, 18:54 Read more

For seven months of this year the state received 78 thousand. UAH seized funds and funds received from the sale of property of corrupt officials.
20-09-2016, 16:20 Read more
If he bring guilt "shines " from 5 to 10 years in jail
19-09-2016, 15:31 Read more

In the Deposit Guarantee Fund of natural persons (DGF) run out of money to pay the guaranteed amounts of compensation of lost deposits, so he applied for financial assistance from the government.
12-09-2016, 15:03 Read more
The largest amounts paid for kidlyvyh emissions into the atmosphere
6-09-2016, 16:43 Read more
The current account of missing 3000 UAH 400
3-09-2016, 12:19 Read more
Буковинці сплатили понад 67 мільйонів "оборонного" податку
This is 13 million more than the previous year
2-09-2016, 12:18 Read more
Лише за добу шахраї видурили у буковинців 70 тисяч гривень
Police looking for criminals
26-08-2016, 13:33 Read more
Martyniuk believes that the allocation of funds for educational institutions should deal with the Department of Education, not the MPs
17-08-2016, 10:00 Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allocated to the State Committee for Television and Radio 450 million UAH from the special fund in terms of return on song competition " ESC " in 2017
8-08-2016, 15:20 Read more
But yet undecided venue
28-07-2016, 09:19 Read more

If a person is in trouble, it can be free to marry
23-07-2016, 10:29 Read more
issued appliances and money
2-07-2016, 15:06 Read more
Although the mayor stated that the school is in a much worse condition
1-07-2016, 16:36 Read more
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