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of contract can only be sent voluntarily to the East of Ukraine
28-07-2015, 13:11 Read more
A native of Jordan wants to serve in the area of ATO , but the law does not allow
28-07-2015, 09:04 Read more
The regional military commissariat blames indiscipline mobilized in
27-07-2015, 18:24 Read more

" Volunteer Troopers " Defense Ministry presented new models of forms for the Ukrainian military
27-07-2015, 15:50 Read more

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed the need to introduce new military ranks that correspond to Ukrainian traditions
27-07-2015, 15:20 Read more
During etapuvannya a stone ' Kamyanets -Podolsky jail
27-07-2015, 10:54 Read more

broken gas pipe , more than a thousand residents were left without gas , destroyed three homes
25-07-2015, 11:32 Read more
За минулу добу у зоні АТО загинув один український військовий

During the last day of hostilities in the zone of the antiterrorist operation killed one Ukrainian military and three injured
24-07-2015, 14:15 Read more
Президент підписав указ про запровадження технології 4G

In the National Commission, which regulates in called 'Communication and Informatization promise to introduce 4G technology during 2017
23-07-2015, 21:24 Read more
Добровольців суттєво меншає, - полковник Генштабу
People are tired of war
23-07-2015, 21:21 Read more
Буковинці можуть змінити місце проживання лише з дозволу військкомату
health institutions 'I "zdavatymut" all viyskovozobov ' commitments, which are addressed to them
23-07-2015, 17:01 Read more
У Придністров'ї оголосили мобілізацію за вказівкою Росії - експерт
Authorities of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic (TMR) announced the mobilization of men aged 18 to 27 years
22-07-2015, 07:28 Read more
Порошенко: Жодних проблем із демобілізацією, яка має відбутися у серпні-вересні, немає

Demobilization of servicemen who now perform combat tasks in the area of ATU, held in August and September as provided corresponding decree
21-07-2015, 17:15 Read more
Минулої доби у зоні АТО загинув один український військовий

During the last days of ATO in the area killed one soldier, wounded another 1
21-07-2015, 14:50 Read more
У Кремлі погрожують ескалацією військових дій на Донбасі

Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the military exercises Ukraine and NATO member states in Lviv region, called it "false " and threatens "disruption progress, there has been a peaceful settlement "
21-07-2015, 13:47 Read more
Доба в АТО минула без втрат

For the past day as a result of armed provocations fortunately no victims, Mr. 'yatero injured
20-07-2015, 15:20 Read more
Президент: Україна збільшить військовий бюджет

The next year Ukraine will increase military spending
19-07-2015, 13:35 Read more
Минулої доби у зоні АТО загинув один українській військовий

During the last days in the zone of the antiterrorist operation resulting fighting killed one Ukrainian soldier, another seven injured
19-07-2015, 13:15 Read more
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