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 Employees of the City Council , together with the & quot; Ukrpochtoy & quot;  help the military in the area of ATO
Collected and sent to the zone ATU 300 branded boxes with the necessary military things
3-11-2014, 20:18 Read more
 Wounded in the area ATO Chernivtsi transported to our military hospital
The deputies decided to organizational issues concerning transport their wounded colleague with another soldier to Chernivtsi
3-11-2014, 13:39 Read more
 Yakscho in the dugout temperature 10 - a military already speka
Chernivtsi Volunteer been at the forefront and shares his impressions
3-11-2014, 11:33 Read more
 For the past day militants fired 37 times ATO position forces
Information on casualties among Ukrainian servicemen during these collisions has been received
1-11-2014, 11:08 Read more
 Today in Chernivtsi sing Viktor Pavlik
Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will direct the money to help the artist Ukrainian army
1-11-2014, 10:43 Read more
 SBU is looking for traitors, which have lists of military Bukovina
Security Service of Ukraine has opened criminal proceedings"zlyv" information
23-10-2014, 16:45 Read more
 Tymoshenko in Chernivtsi handed military winter form ( PHOTOS)
A thousand sets of warm clothes she ordered the company to Chernivtsi
18-10-2014, 23:39 Read more
 Chernivtsi orchestra met fifty military zone of ATO (PHOTOS )
Returned last group of military personnel since the start of ATO never been on vacation with his commander
10-10-2014, 16:45 Read more
 & quot; Crimea passed through treachery & quot;  - Colonel Julius Mamchur Chernivtsi students
Chernivtsi met famous military pilot with the students of the military department CNU
6-10-2014, 15:08 Read more
 & quot; When the hospital heard firework , do not know where to hide & quot;  - Wounded in the area ATO chernivchanyn
To Chernivtsi to rehabilitate wounded returned to East War
30-09-2014, 09:56 Read more
 Bukovina artists told how hospitable they were met in the East

Our artists have again visited with a concert tour in places , where the Ukrainian military
30-09-2014, 09:19 Read more
 More than a dozen families of the victims in the area of Bukovina ATO military has received 100 thousand . UAH .

Only one seven' th is delayed , but it promises to quickly resolve
27-09-2014, 15:43 Read more
 Militants continue attacks on Ukrainian strong position

most tense situation developed near Debaltsevo
27-09-2014, 10:47 Read more
 During the course of ATO over 170 injured Bukovinians

to ten of them wounded
26-09-2014, 19:27 Read more
 Back to Chernivtsi 16 Bukovynian military zone with ATO

Fighters met Ukrainian flags, patriotic balloons and bouquets of blue and yellow flowers
26-09-2014, 18:07 Read more
 Pictures Chernivtsi children decorated fighting machine from the zone ATO (PHOTOS )
The military believes that children's drawings will protect them in battle
23-09-2014, 11:22 Read more
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