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The European Commission approved the allocation of Ukraine the first tranche of 600 million euros under the loan program previously approved 1.8 billion euros
8-07-2015, 16:25 Read more
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In Washington, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the final refusal put "Mistral " Russia
7-07-2015, 22:30 Read more
Amount by which sell the wood grows
6-07-2015, 14:19 Read more

In 2015, the Day of the Naval Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrated July 5
5-07-2015, 14:20 Read more
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First round - July 26
3-07-2015, 16:12 Read more
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The final cost of each type of work is based on design estimates and depend on factors such as terrain, geological conditions and several other factors
3-07-2015, 14:40 Read more

Midnight to 6 am in the area of anti-terrorist operation recorded only three forces shelled positions of the militants ATO
3-07-2015, 12:35 Read more

Prem 'Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that his resignation in the current situation would be a betrayal of the country
2-07-2015, 17:30 Read more
LLC "West Bukovina " proposed to allocate leased 0.85 hectares for expansion of pavement on the street. N and the device under 'yizdiv, stops and sidewalks
2-07-2015, 14:55 Read more
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In the first quarter of 2015 Ukrainian real disposable income, determined considering the price factor, decreased by 23.5%
30-06-2015, 16:50 Read more

It contains harmful plastic particles.
30-06-2015, 08:30 Read more
Scattered thunderstorms
30-06-2015, 08:02 Read more

Forget about heavy food.
29-06-2015, 08:30 Read more
Voting takes place in 457 Mary
28-06-2015, 16:55 Read more
In Shevchenko Park laid the capsule first rector of the university
28-06-2015, 11:52 Read more
Player a chance to gain a foothold in the top club
27-06-2015, 14:57 Read more
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Trubachev Nicholas began to train Lithuanian club
27-06-2015, 13:48 Read more

First Look cast eyes, breasts are occupied third place.
27-06-2015, 08:30 Read more

Omega-3 fatty acids decrease the excitability of brain cells.
26-06-2015, 17:00 Read more
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