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The fire in Donetsk , which resulted in four armored vehicles were burned SMM OSCE can be linked ' connected with someone's desire that the OSCE has ceased to report on what is happening in the Donbass
9-08-2015, 15:20 Read more
Despite the Minsk agreement , illegal armed groups continue to increase fire activity
9-08-2015, 09:41 Read more
Natshvardiyi Rotie , which is stationed in the city was 22 years
6-08-2015, 15:14 Read more
Burned roof, the fire is almost eliminated
4-08-2015, 19:15 Read more

Police found that triggered an improvised explosive device of 200 grams of TNT
3-08-2015, 12:25 Read more

The Joint Centre for Coordination and Control ( STSKK ) said that the morning of August 2 militants launched a massive bombardment of urban villages in Luhansk Donetsk region
2-08-2015, 17:40 Read more
The fire destroyed the car " WHA " , which was inside the garage
30-07-2015, 11:41 Read more
8 children admitted to Children's Hospital with complaints of fever and nausea
29-07-2015, 20:50 Read more
The fire destroyed the bed and walls of the room zakoptyv
27-07-2015, 11:46 Read more
Місія ОБСЄ зафіксувала обстріл бойовиками Щастя

July 26, representatives of the OSCE mission recorded the shelling towns Happiness by militants
26-07-2015, 20:30 Read more

According to ATU forces , for the last day in a combat zone was not killed , three soldiers were wounded
26-07-2015, 13:15 Read more

Also, the mortar attack suffered ATU forces near the city Avdeevka and Donetsk Airport
25-07-2015, 09:39 Read more
Минулої доби бойовики 78 разів обстріляли позиції АТО

During the last day, July 23, pro gang made our position 78 attacks the defense, of them - 35 in the period from 18 th to 24 th hour.
24-07-2015, 11:55 Read more
Порошенко сподівається на створення 30-кілометрової буферної зони

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko hopes that the proposal of the Ukrainian side on removal of heavy weapons and the establishment of a 30-kilometer buffer zone along the contact line in Donbass
22-07-2015, 16:50 Read more
За минулу добу бойовики здійснили близько 80 мінометних обстрілів

Despite the recent agreement on the withdrawal of tanks and artillery during the day, 21 July, the militants carried out 80 mortar attack forces ATO
22-07-2015, 13:55 Read more
У разі продовженя обстрілу Авдіївки, ЗСУ будуть змушені повернути відведену техніку

The armed forces of Ukraine will have to return the assigned technique and apply in order to suppress the fire trying to destroy both civilians and the Supreme Court

19-07-2015, 17:20 Read more
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