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The Popular Front will not be taking part in local elections
7-09-2015, 15:37 Read more
However, the promised support Kaspruk
7-09-2015, 14:58 Read more
For the preparation and holding of local elections on October 25
7-09-2015, 10:11 Read more
There was a ruling power - presidential party "Solidarity "
5-09-2015, 14:23 Read more
These are the first elections under the proportional system with open party lists
5-09-2015, 09:56 Read more
At the meeting of the CEC determined the date of the start of the campaign
31-08-2015, 10:15 Read more
George Vatamanyuk believes that democratic parties have no right to give the opportunity to climb to power " repainted " regionals and
28-08-2015, 22:50 Read more
The leader of the faction told why " NF " does not go to the elections
28-08-2015, 18:13 Read more
People's Deputy believes that refusal to participate in elections the party realizes the performance of their applications
28-08-2015, 16:52 Read more
In the case of transactions Minsk there are no obstacles for elections in the territories controlled by Ukraine Donetsk and Lugansk regions
22-08-2015, 17:06 Read more

The Central Election Commission asks Rada to determine the list of administrative units in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions , where local elections on October 25 will not be
10-08-2015, 21:55 Read more

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a law on local elections , said deputy head of the Presidential Administration Vitaliy Kovalchuk
6-08-2015, 15:20 Read more

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko ready for dialogue with the occupied territories Luhansk and Donetsk regions if they will be selected in accordance with Ukrainian legislation

5-08-2015, 17:34 Read more

Party " BLOW " and " Petro Poroshenko Bloc " decided together to go to the local elections.
4-08-2015, 21:39 Read more
The social network announced the results of its exit poll
27-07-2015, 08:23 Read more

The Chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel said that a large number psevdozhurnalistiv and irregularities at the polls may indicate a plan to disrupt the elections
26-07-2015, 17:35 Read more

At several polling stations appeared unknown person with false identities newspapers Committee of Voters of Ukraine " Opinion . " In place went CVU mobile group
26-07-2015, 11:00 Read more
users now gluzuyuty over svіtlinoyu
25-07-2015, 20:39 Read more
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