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For the first time in Ukraine introduced are called open lists
24-10-2015, 15:09 Read more
The police promised to monitor compliance with the law
24-10-2015, 10:59 Read more
That is one of the candidates receives more than half of the votes
23-10-2015, 13:39 Read more
У день виборів у Чернівцях транспорт ходитиме з 5.30
To ensure transportation of residents to the polls
22-10-2015, 17:59 Read more
Why are these elections important voice of everyone , journalists asked molbuk.ua known in Bukovina
22-10-2015, 13:30 Read more
Reservations politicians, who amused the users of social networks
22-10-2015, 13:03 Read more
Political scientist Maxim Mikhailenko believes that revenge is not the previous government
21-10-2015, 12:07 Read more
Of these, only three - parliamentary
20-10-2015, 16:56 Read more
The debate will last two days - 21 and 22 October
20-10-2015, 14:03 Read more
The management has promised to sort out
20-10-2015, 10:05 Read more
He does not consider it a violation of
18-10-2015, 10:30 Read more
was noticeably less ahitmaterialiv
15-10-2015, 15:59 Read more
The court found unlawful the social travel
15-10-2015, 12:38 Read more
Interior Ministry moves to enhanced mode alternation across the territory of Ukraine
15-10-2015, 08:55 Read more
Experts Committee of Voters of five were oddities in election commissions
14-10-2015, 11:15 Read more
The Commission published its decisions on its website on the Internet
13-10-2015, 18:56 Read more
In Chernivtsi compensation carriers need 70 million USD a year
12-10-2015, 18:12 Read more

The leaders of fighters occupied parts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions for local elections in February and March respectively , thus violating " Channel arrangement "

12-10-2015, 17:10 Read more
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