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Chernivtsi was the sixth city to open representation GO "Osteopathy Ukraine "
4-10-2016, 14:37 Read more
Doctors were able to save the victim
26-07-2016, 11:37 Read more

The Commission and Ukrainian doctors failed to get permission from the Russian side for inspection Ukrainian polituv ' trapped Hope Savchenko
13-03-2016, 13:55 Read more

In the coming hours to the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko illegally HC ' trapped in, will leave the group of Ukrainian doctors who have to examine it and provide assistance
8-03-2016, 11:00 Read more
February 26, an official visit to Chernivtsi visited the famous Spanish professor Dr. Jaime Franco.
29-02-2016, 16:59 Read more
18-20 February in the German capital Berlin held prestigious international competitions WKF- karate.
24-02-2016, 18:38 Read more
For the second time the epidemic can be caused by the flu strains currently circulating in the not too intensive
10-02-2016, 15:10 Read more
they got to the hospital in critical condition
24-01-2016, 11:27 Read more
On average for day comes to 650 calls
21-01-2016, 16:23 Read more
Only after baby found themselves in intensive care, he was sent to the capital professionals. But it was too late.
19-01-2016, 22:43 Read more
Correspondents " Public " donated blood in the Chernivtsi regional clinical hospital
17-01-2016, 15:48 Read more
The two cases are not linked to SARS, another - tested
14-01-2016, 17:27 Read more
On the day of the tragedy of a woman visited the hospital and go home
9-12-2015, 12:40 Read more
The doctors promised to write him a week
25-11-2015, 20:32 Read more

Due BSMU graduates in 2015 was acquired body armor class 4+ and Kevlar helmet.
22-11-2015, 22:26 Read more
Andrew Bezruchko , a military doctor from Chernivtsi , now is covered by ATO - Kurakhovo in Donetsk region.
19-11-2015, 17:49 Read more

During the year, students had the opportunity to familiarize the students with the concept of authority and charisma.
17-11-2015, 20:26 Read more
The director just recently suffered a heart surgery
6-09-2015, 10:47 Read more
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