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tried to illegally cross the border
29-09-2015, 16:12 Read more
У Чернівцях вшанують пам`ять Гергія Гонгадзе
The action will take place at the Central Square
15-09-2015, 13:12 Read more
Defense Ministry did not adjust the relevant bill
18-08-2015, 17:06 Read more
The draft plan within six waves of mobilization was performed in 60%
18-08-2015, 16:23 Read more
The draft plan within six waves of mobilization done by 60%
18-08-2015, 14:34 Read more
lead the list of the Odessa regional council
15-08-2015, 10:16 Read more
In 15 cases, the suspects established
10-08-2015, 09:33 Read more

We know of two who died in an accident in Romania Ukrainian citizens, including one child , another 48 people were wounded
9-08-2015, 12:50 Read more
mourns the passing of honorary citizen of Chernivtsi George Hrodetskyy
6-08-2015, 17:36 Read more
During this time they will get permits to work, as do all citizens of the CIS member states , which established visa-free relations
1-08-2015, 19:14 Read more
attacks , Ukrainian , systems, artillery banned , implemented, positions, military, Crimean Peninsula , border , east, Ukraine , the territory of the enemy , citizens, peaceful, die addition , there
31-07-2015, 13:55 Read more

A number of countries , including Ukraine and opening a tribunal to punish those responsible for the accident flight MH17 Donbas
28-07-2015, 22:00 Read more
Буковинці можуть змінити місце проживання лише з дозволу військкомату
health institutions 'I "zdavatymut" all viyskovozobov ' commitments, which are addressed to them
23-07-2015, 17:01 Read more
У Придністров'ї оголосили мобілізацію за вказівкою Росії - експерт
Authorities of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic (TMR) announced the mobilization of men aged 18 to 27 years
22-07-2015, 07:28 Read more
У Герці збудували центр зайнятості за 8 мільйонів
Came open Head of State Employment Service of Ukraine
17-07-2015, 13:42 Read more
Під час оформлення субсидії більше не потрібно вказувати суму доходу

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution, which makes a number of changes in order of registration of housing subsidies in order to simplify it, particularly not allows you to specify the amount of revenue and its species. This called 'connection repealed and penalties for incorrectly stated in the declaration of income
10-07-2015, 16:50 Read more
Україна не пропускатиме до Криму іноземних туристів

This was stated by spokesman of the State Migration Service of Ukraine Sergei Gunko

9-07-2015, 17:35 Read more
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