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Representatives of various Christian denominations
30-09-2016, 19:41 Read more
" Here, Europe and Ukraine met in one city " - says a student from East Bogdan Liposhko
12-08-2016, 11:01 Read more
belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Vicariate in the Romanian Patriarchate
22-07-2016, 18:14 Read more
By the Soviet era, this icon was kept in the Church of Saint Paraskeva Srpska
14-07-2016, 15:26 Read more
The Church has no right to judge gays and must treat them with respect
27-06-2016, 10:03 Read more
Про Чернівці в старих фото. Метамарфози костелу Воздвиження Святого Хреста. Church (now the basilica ) of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross built in the years 1787-1814 (engineers fhnrich , Noyssner and Baynholts )
2-05-2016, 10:58 Read more
There are no special rules should be in the Easter basket
30-04-2016, 19:03 Read more
The company changed utilities, and made major maintenance facilities
23-04-2016, 14:25 Read more
stole five rolls of metal mesh
19-04-2016, 15:06 Read more
The construction of one of them laid the cornerstone
15-04-2016, 16:39 Read more
MP wants to build the church in the village Kibaki Vyzhnytsya area
10-03-2016, 15:42 Read more
The temple is impressive in size and interior
26-02-2016, 16:58 Read more
The Greek Catholic Church skeptical about meeting Pope Patriarch Kirill
14-02-2016, 11:40 Read more
Attackers were to spray it and pass on the scrap
19-01-2016, 17:53 Read more
All denominations refused to hold Jordanian bathing
18-01-2016, 13:36 Read more
Father Igor Ukrainian Shemyakov saved in the East , for what it called " traitor " and " Banderite "
15-01-2016, 14:16 Read more
pressure from the government on the parishioners and priests to switch in either no patriarchy
9-01-2016, 14:49 Read more
There will be a charity fair
11-12-2015, 18:45 Read more
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