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Chernivchanka described the trip to the occupied territory
20-08-2016, 16:25 Read more
For this court it set a penalty of a fine
1-08-2016, 17:43 Read more
The dog suddenly jumped out of the bushes Tatyana Buzan Street Kharkiv
1-08-2016, 14:22 Read more
The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff
22-07-2016, 15:07 Read more
Irina Zhytaryuk represents Canada native Bukovina
1-07-2016, 14:57 Read more
The wedding ceremony took place on the summer terrace of restaurant in the city center
29-06-2016, 14:26 Read more
hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing
28-06-2016, 14:46 Read more
The woman took to protect neighbors who barricaded the entrance to the porch
22-06-2016, 00:57 Read more
The woman stayed in the monastery
5-05-2016, 12:05 Read more
22 -year-old completely changed its appearance
3-03-2016, 10:33 Read more
Chernivchanka Inna Gaponenko five years working in Qatar physician
18-01-2016, 01:25 Read more
"It is to me almost like a family member " - says the singer
4-12-2015, 17:11 Read more
In the team standings Ukrainian - second among 54 countries
23-11-2015, 17:59 Read more
The pensioner found mental disabilities
11-08-2015, 16:59 Read more
Буковинські лучники настріляли на три медалі
Two medals in the asset Sichenikovoyi
3-07-2015, 19:29 Read more
Сьогодні Тіна Кароль презентує чернівчанам музичний спектакль
All tickets were sold out long before the concert
19-05-2015, 12:11 Read more
П'ять новин, які ви могли пропустити
Most important over the past day
19-05-2015, 08:42 Read more
not observe silence for rudeness
23-04-2015, 12:32 Read more
В аварії у Польщі загинула 19-річна чернівчанка
"VW " went into the oncoming lane and collided with a truck
16-04-2015, 10:53 Read more
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