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President Poroshenko said that on August 31 could suffer MPs and journalists for combat grenade was meant for the Houses of Parliament
8-09-2015, 16:05 Read more
In the zone of the counterterrorist operation ( ATO ) cache , where it was found a large quantity of ammunition
6-09-2015, 11:04 Read more
Poroshenko will address the Ukrainian people through events in and around the parliament
31-08-2015, 16:15 Read more
riots broke out , protesters throwing smoke bombs and trying to break into the building
31-08-2015, 13:27 Read more

In a network with ' manifest unto video unrest that occurred today in Kharkiv at the office of Opposition bloc

3-08-2015, 16:35 Read more
На трасі "Житомир-Чернівці" затримали бійців ВСУ з вибухівкою
car found grenades RGD-5 and F-1, gunpowder, TNT and ammunition
6-07-2015, 16:05 Read more
До фіналу сільських ігор на Буковині пробилися Шишківці
In their composition acted 19 sportsmen
24-06-2015, 18:32 Read more
Супермаркети викрили у змові
Prices are rising much faster than income Ukrainian
14-05-2015, 09:21 Read more
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