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This cave Balamutivska and Cinderella
30-05-2016, 08:56 Read more
In order to prepare for the visit of tourists seeking money
23-04-2016, 11:50 Read more

In the caves are deep wells up to ten meters
22-09-2015, 22:03 Read more
Невідома Буковина: скеля з печерами і цілющою водою
To get to this miracle of nature any convenient means of transport
4-09-2015, 13:37 Read more
Богатирьову можуть засудити заочно

Kyiv Pechersk District Court allowed the prosecutor's office applied to the former Minister of Health 'I Raisa Bogatyryova special investigation procedure that allows absentia conviction
23-07-2015, 18:40 Read more
На Буковині видали путівник “Дива природи Гуцульського краю”

Stories about nature monument with illustrations
23-05-2015, 13:49 Read more
Суд наклав арешт на газ Фірташа вартістю понад 4 мільярди гривень

The court granted the request for the arrest of 500 million cubic meters of gas Firtash group of companies Ostchem
29-04-2015, 20:20 Read more
Екс-голову МОЗ Багатирьову заочно арештував суд

Kyiv Pechersk district court chose a preventive measure detention of former Minister of Health Raisa Bogatyrev which the international wanted list
15-04-2015, 15:35 Read more
Правоохоронці знайшли матеріали справи Тимошенко

Materials in case of Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev Pechersk found rayviddilku Interior Ministry in Kiev
15-04-2015, 10:45 Read more
Адвокат: Колишнього заступника голови ДСНС відпустили

A former deputy chairman of the State Emergency Basil Stoyetskyy released from custody in BC 'connection with the expiration of detention (72 hours)
28-03-2015, 17:40 Read more
Екс-голову ДСНС знову арештували

Kyiv Pechersk District Court arrested a former chairman of the State of Emergency Situations Sergei Bochkovsky 2 months
28-03-2015, 13:50 Read more
ГПУ повідомила про підозру екс-нардепу від фракції КПУ

Prosecutor General's Office reported suspected former MP from the Communist Party Secretary and Returning Board of the Supreme Council Sergei Gordienko
10-03-2015, 22:00 Read more
А судді хто: Київський райсуд відмовивися вибрати запобіжний захід для судді Пучерського райсуду

In Kiev Holosiivskyi district court rejected the prosecutor's office in the election of a preventive measure Pechersk District Court Judge Sergei Vovk
6-03-2015, 22:58 Read more
Прокуратура проводить обшук у Печерському суді міста Києва [/ Center]
Pechersk court judges suspected of deliberately wrongful decisions handed down in cases against avtomaydanivtsiv [center]
26-02-2015, 20:27 Read more
Екс-голову фракції Парітії регіонів відпустили під заставу 60 тисяч гривень

Pechersky District Court of Kyiv has chosen the former head of the Party of Regions Oleksandr Yefremov as a preventive measure bail 60 thousand - 50 minimum wages
25-02-2015, 17:55 Read more
Екс-регіонала Чечетова, можть відпустити під заставу п’ять мільйонів гривень

Kyiv Pechersk District Court approved a resolution on the election for the former Regions Mikhail Chechetov preventive measures such as detention of alternative mortgage payment of about 5 million. UAH
21-02-2015, 01:05 Read more
Обирати запобіжний захід для Єфремова будуть у закритому режимі

Kyiv Pechersk District Court has decided to review in closed session the question of the election of a preventive measure former head of the Party of Regions Oleksandr Yefremov
18-02-2015, 19:54 Read more
Суд взяв під варту Єфремова. Він ще може вийти під заставу в 3,6 млн
Got a preventive measure detention of alternative payments as collateral 3.6 million
16-02-2015, 21:43 Read more
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