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When submitting electronic declarations to Nazca force officials to declare cash if their sum will exceed 60 thousand, or 50 times the minimum wage
13-07-2016, 13:55 Read more

National Bank has allowed authorized banks to buy foreign currency from individuals without restrictions
22-10-2015, 15:50 Read more
ВСУ заборонив банкам списувати гроші з карток боржників у рахунок кредиту

The Supreme Court has forbidden banks on their own initiative to deduct money from accounts of debtors who have not repaid loan payment
10-09-2015, 15:38 Read more
The dual minimum wage
15-08-2015, 12:00 Read more
У липні українці купили валюти на 135 мільйонів менше ніж продали

The net forex sales at the cash foreign exchange market in July amounted to 135 million dollars
5-08-2015, 13:15 Read more
НБУ обмежив використання готівки для бізнесу
This is reported tax
30-07-2015, 17:18 Read more

National Bank of Ukraine intends to reduce the maximum amount of cash payments between individuals up to 50 ths. UAH 150 thousand . UAH, which are currently
27-07-2015, 13:30 Read more
Підприємцям з доходом менше мільйона дозволили не встановлювати касові апарати

Parliament is not allowed to set cash registers for entrepreneurs who work in the areas of trade, catering and services provided that their annual gross income does not exceed 1 million
1-07-2015, 13:40 Read more
Лісівники Буковини запевняють, що скорочують експорт деревини
About 60% of receipts forestry are from abroad
30-03-2015, 16:32 Read more
Нацбанк заборонив знімати валюту з платіжних карт

Cash payment in Ukraine by electronic means of payment issued by both residents and non-residents provided only in UAH
4-03-2015, 12:35 Read more
НБУ підвищив ставку рефінансування до 30%

This was during a briefing the head of the NBU Valery Gontareva
3-03-2015, 15:00 Read more
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