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The competition transport went the same carriers
3-10-2016, 17:55 Read more
In early October, will be a competition for public transport
29-09-2016, 18:42 Read more
After the City Council will make money in UAH routes and beneficiaries
20-09-2016, 22:03 Read more
The City Council may listen to the demands of carriers to raise rates
20-09-2016, 20:42 Read more
The company offers its services on the first route
20-09-2016, 17:50 Read more
There will be no earlier than the end of September
19-09-2016, 13:16 Read more
The carrier offset from the municipal budget
30-08-2016, 08:57 Read more
Now the carriers are not required to carry two free beneficiaries
4-08-2016, 10:32 Read more
Deputy Mayor predicts that the company will submit an appeal
30-07-2016, 16:40 Read more
They were not satisfied with the conditions of competition
4-06-2016, 18:09 Read more
In City Hall working group held its first meeting
31-05-2016, 18:04 Read more
Economist Chernivtsi made math calculations the cost of a bus route and compared them with the rates offered by carriers
31-05-2016, 15:09 Read more
At the city council meeting ended with representatives of companies-carriers
30-05-2016, 16:09 Read more
The mayor urged deputies to keep trolleybus management
7-04-2016, 17:46 Read more
There may stop free transportation of beneficiaries
31-03-2016, 13:02 Read more
Kulish said the ATO members deserve special attention and support
24-03-2016, 13:30 Read more
Our people have an incredible sense of humor
22-03-2016, 14:30 Read more
This was the mayor agreed with the carriers
9-02-2016, 21:58 Read more
The number of complaints - an indicator of carriers - the mayor of Chernivtsi
1-12-2015, 00:24 Read more
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