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Recently, lived in Voronezh
21-09-2016, 10:18 Read more

The fact that carpentry - it is decorative. It is entirely a puppet of Moscow " - the former head of the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration and now head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal
14-08-2016, 20:15 Read more

Leader " FSC " born in Bukovina in serious condition
6-08-2016, 18:20 Read more
Two people injured in hospital
6-08-2016, 18:02 Read more
The prosecutor's office referred to a court indictment
24-03-2016, 18:59 Read more
The money they received in the looting and smuggling
24-01-2016, 11:49 Read more

The leader of the self-proclaimed " People's Republic of Luhansk " Igor carpentry give evidence in the case of pilots and Ukrainian people's deputy Hope Savchenko next week

12-11-2015, 16:00 Read more
Екс-буковинець Плотницький зібрався проводити "вибори" у "ЛНР"

The leader of the militants Luhansk Ihor carpentry psevdovybory appointed on November 1 and wants to hold them to 12 cities and 6 areas temporarily occupied Lugansk region
21-09-2015, 12:45 Read more
Дружина ватажка бойовиків "ЛНР" Плотницького бере "відкати" з благодійних організацій, - ЗМІ
For the legalization and the right to operate in " Republic "
8-09-2015, 09:19 Read more
У "ДНР" хочуть провести вибори 18 жовтня

The leader of the occupied areas of Donetsk oblast Alexander Zakharchenko said that is going to hold local elections on October 18
2-07-2015, 11:40 Read more
Буковинець Москаль побажав своєму земляку Плотницькому "геморою та неуспіхів"
Gennady Moskal in a peculiar form of separatist congratulated on his birthday
25-06-2015, 14:37 Read more
Односельчани Плотницького з Буковини розповіли, що його брат живе у Києві (ВІДЕО)
Seven 'I left the leader FSC native village in Chernivtsi region
22-06-2015, 18:28 Read more
Плотницького ніколи раніше не бачив, хоч ми і земляки, - буковинець Москаль
Luhansk Regional State Administration Chairman said that the leader knows "FSC " Igor carpenter, although both - from Bukovina
22-05-2015, 17:09 Read more
Батьки Плотницького втекли з Буковини
4 jeeps came to the yard at night 'I carpenter in August
17-02-2015, 15:21 Read more
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