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agreed to assist physicians from abroad
19-08-2016, 13:53 Read more
The father admits to being healed son guilty in school is not punished
31-05-2016, 22:16 Read more

You can now restore tooth enamel without the help of dentists.
28-09-2015, 17:00 Read more

September 10-11 in Bucovina State Medical University hosted the annual forum of neonatologists of Ukraine .
13-09-2015, 20:58 Read more

The emphasis will be on providing emergency aid to drivers of vehicles.
10-09-2015, 20:46 Read more
The deputies decided to allocate 2.7 million USD repayable assistance
31-08-2015, 14:34 Read more
Не можете спати? Не передаїте!

will help establish sleep and exercise regime
25-08-2015, 12:03 Read more
Уродженець Молдови на БМВ на День незалежності збив буковинця і втік
found the culprit , ongoing investigation
25-08-2015, 11:00 Read more
Late turned to doctors
20-08-2015, 16:57 Read more

Timely examination and indifferent attitude to yourself save your vision
31-07-2015, 12:03 Read more

Elect the CNU and BSMU
29-07-2015, 14:39 Read more

Be careful admiring these drinks.
26-07-2015, 17:00 Read more
Богатирьову можуть засудити заочно

Kyiv Pechersk District Court allowed the prosecutor's office applied to the former Minister of Health 'I Raisa Bogatyryova special investigation procedure that allows absentia conviction
23-07-2015, 18:40 Read more
МВФ не буде надавати Греції відстрочку у виплаті боргу

This was stated by IMF spokesman Rice Ddzherri
26-06-2015, 11:21 Read more
Медики звітують, що "швидка" Буковини забезпечена ліками і пальним
And in Chernivtsi, and in areas
22-06-2015, 11:51 Read more
Що покращує пам’ять

Green tea increase the level of attentiveness and performance.
20-06-2015, 14:00 Read more
Вивели формулу щастя

Pay time and your body loves it.
9-06-2015, 20:00 Read more
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