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The Constitutional Court intends to cancel lustration officials who worked in management positions at the time of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych.
9-06-2016, 19:05 Read more

Cabinet Minister supported the proposal to eliminate work-books , a draft law will be submitted to Parliament
11-11-2015, 16:42 Read more
Decision enters into force on 30 September 2015
12-09-2015, 19:42 Read more

Pope Francis radically reformed the procedure for annulment of marriage in the Catholic Church
8-09-2015, 22:05 Read more
savings be directed at improving the social standards of citizens
27-08-2015, 17:39 Read more

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Jaresko to meet with lenders Ukraine next week , August 12 in the US
7-08-2015, 18:50 Read more
У Росії можуть звільнити головного тренера футбольної збірної
require fans, journalists and experts
25-06-2015, 14:30 Read more
ЗМІ: Україна хоче списати 40% боргу по суверенних облігаціях

Ukraine insists it can not meet the requirements of the IMF, if the creditors do not write off 40% debt on sovereign bonds
12-06-2015, 13:05 Read more
Безвізовий режим з ЄС запрацює після червня 2016 року, - політолог
Parliament has yet to pass a series of laws
27-05-2015, 09:19 Read more
Кредитори відмовилися списати Україні борги

Creditors Committee of Ukraine said that he is ready to support "sensible " restructuring, but did not agree to debt relief
12-05-2015, 16:28 Read more
Бойовики висунули свої умови щодо проведення місцевих виборів

The representatives of the self-proclaimed "DNR " and "FSC " sent a tripartite contact group members their conditions of an ultimatum for the local elections in Ukraine beyond the control of the central government territories
12-05-2015, 15:49 Read more
Польща та Румунія підтримують скасування віз для українців
Summit in Riga would confirm expectations and good will of Europe
30-04-2015, 12:58 Read more
Мінсоцполітики пропонує перейти на накопичувальну систему пенсій з 2017 року

Ministry of Social Affairs will present on Wednesday at the Cabinet meeting new model of pension reform, which provides, inter alia, the abolition of special pensions and startup funded pension system from 2017
28-04-2015, 15:20 Read more
Порошенко анонсував проведення референдуму про вступ України до НАТО
Non-aligned status of Ukraine President called error
23-04-2015, 09:19 Read more
Країни Балтії вважають, що скасовувати санкції проти Росії не можна

EU should maintain unanimity on the issue of resolving the crisis in Ukraine, and the lifting of sanctions against Russia can not be considered
11-04-2015, 18:30 Read more
За прогнозами, зняття санкцій з Ірану обвалить ціни на нафту на 15 доларів

International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts decline in oil prices to $ 15 a barrel next year if sanctions against Iran will be completely removed
8-04-2015, 18:40 Read more
В Україні скасували концерти Горана Бреговича

The reason for the cancellation of concerts - a situation that has developed around the actor in Ukraine in connection with its performance in Crimea March 26, 2015
4-04-2015, 18:45 Read more
В Україні не будуть скасовувати святкування Дня Перемоги

Vice premier 'Prime-Minister - Minister of Culture in ' Vyacheslav Kirilenko said that the Cabinet does not intend to initiate the cancellation of the Day of May 9 Victory
24-03-2015, 13:25 Read more
В НБУ обіцяють зняти обмеження за депозитами вже за кілька місяців

The National Bank of Ukraine will start the process of progressive abolition of restrictions on deposits of the banking system after cleaning the horizon in two or three months
23-03-2015, 17:25 Read more
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