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The Minister of Defence of Georgia Tinatin Hidasheli signed a decree on the abolition of Duty 'compulsory military conscription in the armed forces of the republic.
27-06-2016, 14:45 Read more
This will last until June 30
5-05-2016, 10:25 Read more
У Міноборони розраховують призвати понад 16 тисяч строковиків

In May and June the ranks of the Armed Forces are planning to call for military service 16 615 citizens

20-04-2016, 19:58 Read more
Forecasts - 400 strokovykiv from our region
6-04-2016, 12:58 Read more
The Medical Board of Kitsmane began working week ago
1-10-2015, 14:42 Read more

Triclosan causes disruptions in the endocrine system .
25-09-2015, 21:37 Read more
She left home on August 26 and still has not returned
2-09-2015, 11:57 Read more
Anton Gerashchenko confirmed the death of a soldier Natshvardiyi
31-08-2015, 16:31 Read more
In the Ukraine continues sixth wave of mobilization
14-08-2015, 16:12 Read more
The rescuers had to help
13-08-2015, 12:41 Read more

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko does not intend to give Ukrainian territories
12-08-2015, 18:40 Read more
Неповнолітній чернівчанин пограбував чоловіка посеред вулиці
Police arrested 17 -year-old attacker
5-08-2015, 13:58 Read more

The most dangerous for the considered view blue and purple lenses.
30-07-2015, 17:00 Read more
У Чернівцях сусід здав сусіда військкомату, а потім шантажував
The military commissioner reported that a summons can give anyone , but without abuse
28-07-2015, 19:25 Read more
Генсек НАТО: Росія продовжує постачати важке озброєння бойовикам

Russia continues strong support of separatists in eastern Ukraine, including directing its regular armed forces
6-07-2015, 14:30 Read more
У Генштабі розповіли коли закінчиться шоста хвиля мобілізації

Mobilization activities within the sixth stage partial mobilization viyskovozobov 'commitments will continue until 17 August
3-07-2015, 14:15 Read more
Міноборони запровадить електронний облік призовників

Defense Ministry is preparing to launch electronic accounting system recruits
29-06-2015, 15:45 Read more
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