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Субсидії можуть отримати майже 60% буковинських сімей
Requirements of the subsidies correspond to about 200 000 families
27-09-2016, 17:11 Read more
Monthly increasing number of those wishing
27-09-2016, 16:01 Read more
This is a quarter more than in the corresponding period last year
27-09-2016, 15:11 Read more
The draft state budget provides for an increase in expenditures for scholarships to more than 500 million
24-09-2016, 09:57 Read more

The total amount of appropriations for the program of defense and security, which is laid in the draft state budget for 2017 will amount to about 120 billion, or 5% of GDP
6-09-2016, 17:56 Read more
The largest amounts paid for kidlyvyh emissions into the atmosphere
6-09-2016, 16:43 Read more
The city government is ready to allocate 7 million to finance projects residents
1-09-2016, 17:16 Read more
It is hoped that the money will go to the needs of the community
4-08-2016, 13:25 Read more
Чернівчани вже сплатили більше 3 мільйонів гривень податку за житло
The money will go to the local budget
29-07-2016, 12:41 Read more
And also to purchase new buses for trolley management
25-07-2016, 16:23 Read more
Ob_amp_ # 96; objects of housing and social sphere
21-07-2016, 08:56 Read more
20 бюджетних установ Буковини торік відмовилися від газу
switched to alternative fuel sources
8-06-2016, 12:13 Read more
With social contribution
1-06-2016, 11:35 Read more
To address the needs of participants and their families ATU allocated funds
12-04-2016, 17:17 Read more
The general fund of local budgets executed on 127.5 %
5-04-2016, 09:37 Read more

Also, the distribution of the remaining funds from last year's budget
4-04-2016, 17:52 Read more

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade forecasts that in 2016 the average dollar amount to 26.9 hryvnia to the dollar .

18-03-2016, 19:40 Read more
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