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Food postpartum women are dependent not only on the characteristics of the women , but also on how the child reacts to certain foods .
15-09-2015, 12:08 Read more
to the draft invite persons who have the status of party hostilities
8-09-2015, 13:14 Read more

It normalizes blood pressure and treating kidney
4-09-2015, 12:03 Read more

The risk of cancer reduces the use of calcium and phosphorus.
26-08-2015, 20:00 Read more

New successfully treat breast cancer , lung and skin.
12-08-2015, 20:00 Read more

They prevent metastasis of liver cancer , colon and breast cancer.
12-08-2015, 17:33 Read more
Ліки від раку грудей ефективніші вночі

Drug ceases to operate even after room light.
4-07-2015, 14:00 Read more
В чому користь персиків

Fruit relieve women from breast cancer.
28-06-2015, 12:03 Read more
Відмова від нічних перекусів знижує ризик раку грудей

Malignant tumor of breast cancer - the most common cancer among women worldwide.
24-04-2015, 10:00 Read more
Онкологи точно можуть вирахувати ризик раку

Known: the presence of mutations in the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 increases the risk of cancer and ovarian cancer.
15-04-2015, 18:00 Read more
Буковинський боксер нокаутував суперника
Stephen Hrekul performed in Ivano-Frankivsk
6-04-2015, 19:30 Read more
Боротьба зі стресом допомагає хворим на рак

In a study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami, was attended by 240 women suffering from breast cancer.
31-03-2015, 12:03 Read more
Учені впораються зі спадковими пухлинами шлунку та грудей

Existing medicines can be used for effective treatment and even prevention of hereditary cancers of the stomach and the breast.
27-03-2015, 16:00 Read more
Виявили білок, пов’язаний з грудним вигодовуванням

Protein MCL-1 plays an important role in all stages of breast cancer, from puberty to pregnancy and lactation.
11-03-2015, 16:00 Read more
Що потрібно знати про діагностику онкозахворювань

The trend toward increasing incidence of cancer has been steadily increasing, and this is a problem worldwide.
24-02-2015, 12:00 Read more
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