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Based on the book with writer Valerie Chernivtsi black
1-10-2016, 10:15 Read more
The first presentation of the renewed publication of children's books on 17 September at 15:00 in the Lviv regional library for children
14-09-2016, 14:32 Read more
The presentation will show the original documents 1916-1917 years
5-09-2016, 13:13 Read more
" Old Lion Publishing " presents the most fun book about Galician
29-08-2016, 15:48 Read more
The first presentation of the book will take place on September 10
18-08-2016, 14:11 Read more
Austrian Chernivtsi three found themselves under Russian occupation
18-08-2016, 12:31 Read more
Unfortunately today Kostryzhivtsi production almost died
2-07-2016, 15:38 Read more
Although this story publishing label set 17_plus_, the author believes her child to some extent
3-06-2016, 00:48 Read more
Catherine Mihalitsyna meet with kids and their families in Chernivtsi
30-05-2016, 19:48 Read more
Earlier edition was translated 30ma languages of the world
27-04-2016, 14:42 Read more
This writer's recollections of his relatives , friends and villagers
23-04-2016, 16:50 Read more
The evening was moderated by Alexander Boychenko
4-04-2016, 22:23 Read more
The event will take place on April 4
31-03-2016, 11:39 Read more
Translation novel known German writer Jenny Erpenbek published "Book XXI"
3-03-2016, 11:50 Read more
The author will tell you where are the real and fictional characters
29-02-2016, 13:48 Read more

Released " Alphabet for Evdokim "
6-02-2016, 15:59 Read more
The director of one of the largest publishing houses believes that in Chernivtsi and other cities had shops that represent the book market of Ukraine
24-01-2016, 14:14 Read more
conducted a raid in the most popular places on the waters
23-01-2016, 11:33 Read more
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