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На Буковині знову народилася трійня
Happy parents raising two boys and a girl
29-03-2016, 17:29 Read more
The writer was born 152 years ago
27-11-2015, 12:13 Read more
In the organ hall held festive celebrations
11-09-2015, 01:02 Read more
50-year - volunteer military , committed suicide after he returned from the zone ATO
2-09-2015, 21:31 Read more
there was a fire in the kitchen
21-08-2015, 10:39 Read more
fried fish and hominy
9-08-2015, 17:38 Read more

The militants struck at night in Dzerzhinsk artillery strike
30-07-2015, 13:35 Read more

pohyzuvalysya pictures from holidays in social networks
25-07-2015, 15:40 Read more
Вчені закликають заборонити пластиковий посуд

It can provoke birth defects in babies.
22-07-2015, 08:30 Read more
Внаслідок обстрілів бойовиків загинули 4 мирних мешканців Донеччини

As a result of attacks by militants Donetsk region suffered eight civilians, among them - 4 dead, 4 wounded, including - a girl born in 2006
19-07-2015, 16:20 Read more
Бойовики обстріляли Авдіївку — троє людей убито
Shell hit the apartment buildings
18-07-2015, 11:36 Read more
Захист дитини починається з утроби

Women are psychologically ready for motherhood after 30 years.
24-06-2015, 12:00 Read more
П'ять новин, які ви могли пропустити
Most important over the past day
24-06-2015, 08:30 Read more
В одного із загиблих у ДТП в Чернівцях сьогодні був день народження

Relatives and friends of the dead boys share their photos in social networks
15-06-2015, 16:40 Read more
Вагітність – не хвороба

Expectant mothers should relax and not worry about the little things
22-05-2015, 12:00 Read more
Фактори, які впливають на ваш інтелект

Matters is the order of birth.
15-05-2015, 10:00 Read more
Стартує чемпіонат Буковини з футболу
It will be played in two rounds
1-05-2015, 17:21 Read more
Сильний токсикоз підвищує ризик порушень у дитини

Vomiting pregnant - a pathological condition in the first half of pregnancy.
28-04-2015, 08:30 Read more
У Чернівцях молитимуться перед чудотворною іконою
The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church will hold " May Day " Dedicated to the Virgin
24-04-2015, 15:10 Read more
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