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allocate additional space public procurement first of September
30-08-2016, 13:53 Read more
On 13 routes, if the Executive Committee approve the relevant provision
1-08-2016, 20:17 Read more
On the contrary - the benefits will be extended for another 13 routes
30-06-2016, 11:51 Read more

The card is now available quickly and without queues
6-06-2016, 18:26 Read more
On additional payments to depositors notified
6-06-2016, 11:58 Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers established the impossibility of calculation of benefits to recipients of housing subsidies
4-05-2016, 13:30 Read more
The decision of the City Council
4-04-2016, 14:44 Read more

The new simplified system of applying for grants for reimbursement for housing and communal services, get help now just
4-03-2016, 11:05 Read more
У маршрутках Чернівців мають діяти усі пільги, - міський голова
Who carries not - in fact should complain
8-02-2016, 19:47 Read more
preferential public transportation in Chernivtsi not canceled
1-02-2016, 18:55 Read more
launched a new tender procedure for production of tickets
10-12-2015, 12:02 Read more
The advantage - the infantry and intelligence specialties
26-11-2015, 13:50 Read more

has similar properties and green tea.
18-11-2015, 20:00 Read more

Study conducted for school teachers Chernivtsi region and the city.
28-09-2015, 23:21 Read more

The use of fresh juice should meet the needs of the body.
9-09-2015, 13:00 Read more
Анонсовані Яценюком підвищені зарплати і пенсії поки не нараховують
Parliament has not yet considered this question
9-09-2015, 12:48 Read more
Families of fallen heroes and rehabilitated victims of political repression have received benefits for utilities at the expense of the community

1-09-2015, 09:07 Read more
Завдяки податковим пільгам підприємці Чернівців сплатили на 100 мільйонів менше

During the first half privileges benefited 308 taxpayers regional center
30-08-2015, 10:03 Read more
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