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Today , 15 September , Russian- terrorist group activity strengthened slightly , continuing attacks on positions of strength ATO
15-09-2015, 20:15 Read more
On the main stages of formation and change of administrative-territorial system
15-09-2015, 12:39 Read more
Основні продукти харчування ще подорожчають, - експерт
As a result of the decline in production and seasonality
10-09-2015, 12:10 Read more

The 45th anniversary of creative activity
3-09-2015, 17:58 Read more
Higher education is every seventh inhabitant region
3-09-2015, 16:04 Read more
People's Deputy said that the coalition is composed of four factions
1-09-2015, 19:38 Read more
Vocational education has 19 % Bukovinians
31-08-2015, 09:01 Read more
The Office confirms that this person is no longer working in the prosecutor's office
19-08-2015, 01:19 Read more

They violate the natural purification.
31-07-2015, 08:30 Read more

The risk of introduction by Ukraine of the moratorium on the payment of external public debt remains despite the payment of Kyiv July 24, 120 million dollars. Eurobonds maturing in July 2017

27-07-2015, 16:10 Read more
Емігрант з України став найбагатшою людиною Великобританії
Fortune native Odessa Lena Blavatnik is estimated at 20.1 billion dollars
27-06-2015, 20:05 Read more
За час нересту на Буковині затримали 138 браконьєрів
During spawning Bukovina arrested 138 poachers
24-06-2015, 10:36 Read more
Україна збирається разом з НАТО протидіяти російській пропаганді

Ukraine and NATO jointly counteract Russian propaganda, the corresponding project will be signed with the Alliance soon
21-06-2015, 18:50 Read more
Перші результати ЗНО будуть 25 червня
Foreign languages and mathematics
18-06-2015, 12:13 Read more
Випускники складають ЗНО з німецької мови

Testing will last 120 minutes
5-06-2015, 12:16 Read more
Викладачі і студенти БДМУ навчали надавати першу допомогу

There were practical classes desmurgy, transport immobilization, stop bleeding.
4-06-2015, 08:47 Read more
"Укравтодор" обмежив рух великих вантажівок вдень

"Ukravtodor " imposed restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles in the hot season: move major public roadways will be mostly at night
1-06-2015, 19:20 Read more
Фейсбілдінг: гімнастика для обличчя

You will be able to regain the beautiful oval face, improve skin tone and get rid of laxity.
28-05-2015, 14:00 Read more
temptation and prospects
14-05-2015, 11:30 Read more
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