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Draft decisions posted on the website of the Regional Council
26-07-2016, 12:06 Read more

At the hearing blogger once again repeated his thesis about "fratricidal war " in the Donbass, saying that Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko Turchinov wait "punishment is not only the earth but also the heavens. "
14-07-2016, 16:45 Read more
Буковинця, який вбив товариша 41 ударом, засудили до майже 10 років

Convicted disagreed with the verdict and appealed to the Court of Appeal
28-05-2016, 15:40 Read more

appeal the results of external independent evaluation (UPE) in Ukrainian literature, mathematics and history of Ukraine can be filed within 5 days
since May 26
26-05-2016, 15:36 Read more
The lawyer of the accused failed to appear for trial
24-05-2016, 17:30 Read more
For the corresponding draft decision voted 34 deputies City Council
25-02-2016, 12:42 Read more
Piligrim promises weekly briefings to the police
18-01-2016, 18:05 Read more
Basin Water Management Administration allowed the company to work illegally
10-09-2015, 18:36 Read more

Point ' Friday , July 31 , the Constitutional Court will issue a conclusion on the case at the request of the Parliament on the draft amendments concerning decentralization
30-07-2015, 18:50 Read more
The man took the money for the allocation of land
27-07-2015, 10:18 Read more
П'ять новин, які ви могли пропустити
Most important thing for the past day
8-07-2015, 08:30 Read more
Російський прем’єр погрожує Україні судом у разі несплати "комерційних боргів"

Russia would appeal to the courts for recovery of commercial debts of Ukraine
20-05-2015, 19:10 Read more
Силовики просять Мінфін збільшити фінансування на 17 мільярдів

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has received requests from the Defense Ministry and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine to increase financing costs in the current year related to ensuring the defense of our country
19-05-2015, 15:25 Read more
Офіційно - чернівецьку військову частину не переводять в інше місто
Bukovynian volunteers responded to the Ministry of Defence
16-05-2015, 10:34 Read more
Закохані жінки ідеалізують зовнішність своїх партнерів

The researchers studied how love affects the assessment of the attractiveness of the partner.
6-04-2015, 14:00 Read more
Мін’юст оскаржить рішення суду щодо здійснення соцвиплат на окупованих територіях

The Ministry of Justice will appeal against the decision of the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal on the need for social benefits in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions controlled by so called. "FSC " and "DNR "
3-04-2015, 14:15 Read more
Справу щодо заборони КПУ не розглядатимуть в Окружному адмінсуді

Case initiated by the Ministry of Justice and the State Registration Service to prohibit CPU withdrawn from consideration in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv
30-03-2015, 13:55 Read more
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