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In the near future architects will travel to the territory of Construction and decide whether to give permission to the owner of the land continued construction
29-07-2016, 12:56 Read more
The owners are increasingly asked to pay in arbitrary units
24-07-2016, 11:09 Read more
How much are apartments for students in this season and they are provided
16-07-2016, 16:09 Read more
Because of the conflict in the council deferred solving the problem
13-07-2016, 11:30 Read more
Police protection reminiscent of Bukovina safety rules
7-06-2016, 11:30 Read more
to 644 dollars for "square "
29-04-2016, 12:06 Read more
In the hostel at Kostryzhivtsi on Zastavnivschyni
24-03-2016, 09:41 Read more
carried out of the premises of people money, gold jewelry , machinery
12-02-2016, 16:50 Read more
No Heat only in separate buildings on Independence Avenue, the street Heroes Square , Poletaeva and Heavenly Hundreds
20-10-2015, 13:03 Read more
will start to decline from the beginning of October
14-09-2015, 10:58 Read more

Few people know that the amount in the accounts " communal " can be reduced by almost half !
27-08-2015, 16:17 Read more
stole gold jewelry
5-08-2015, 09:32 Read more
Now he faces up to three years in prison
31-07-2015, 19:32 Read more

SEYMOSTIYKE HOUSING Chernivtsi vul.Rivnenska, 12-B
2-07-2015, 16:07 Read more
У Чернівцях відкрили черговий під’їзд багатоквартирного будинку
The residential complex " comfort " The street Rivne
24-06-2015, 18:59 Read more
Колір стін впливає на здоров’я

According to experts, bad color can lead to the development of various diseases.
17-04-2015, 14:00 Read more
У трьох чернівчан міліція виявила арсенал зброї (ФОТО)
Guardians found a grenade, machine guns, pistols, smoke bombs, ammunition of various calibers, parts for weapons, crossbows, bayonet-knives, jars of gunpowder
11-03-2015, 16:38 Read more
Газопостачання на Руській відновили лише вночі
promised to 14.00
27-02-2015, 09:41 Read more
Для переселенців у Чернівцях орендуватимуть житло

Such assistance will receive 20 most vulnerable families
17-02-2015, 18:16 Read more
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