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The flash of anger increases the risk of heart attack by almost 10 times.
26-09-2015, 13:00 Read more
A man was killed trying to apprehend burglars supermarket
14-09-2015, 09:30 Read more
And the cheapest way to register as a candidate for mayor of the city - in hertz
13-09-2015, 13:01 Read more
The Executive Committee has identified nearly a hundred places
8-09-2015, 11:32 Read more
This performance was the last event of the official program of the festival " Meridian Czernowitz "
7-09-2015, 11:30 Read more
In the framework of cross-border project
4-09-2015, 14:11 Read more
Central Novoselytsya synagogue was a place where residents gathered not only Novoselytsia , but those villages that have been together
2-09-2015, 11:02 Read more
And the beginning of autumn heat comfort
2-09-2015, 10:43 Read more
On the first week of military service
22-08-2015, 16:55 Read more
Late turned to doctors
20-08-2015, 16:57 Read more
A few months to work in local schools
20-08-2015, 12:39 Read more
Militants have reduced Ukrainian intense shelling positions almost along the entire boundary
19-08-2015, 00:57 Read more
Despite the Minsk agreement , illegal armed groups continue to increase fire activity
9-08-2015, 09:41 Read more
Most important thing for the past day
17-07-2015, 08:30 Read more
Parliament supported the Draft Resolution on the commemoration of anniversaries in universities Ukraine
15-07-2015, 15:36 Read more
Tumors hole is still closed trees 'Jana plate
2-07-2015, 11:22 Read more
The court of the suspect taken into custody
2-07-2015, 09:53 Read more
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Poles live in the European Union
26-06-2015, 16:49 Read more

Nearly half a million hryvnia this year Ukraine will spend on the organization of the football championship Euro 2012, which took place three years ago
23-06-2015, 01:25 Read more
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In Kiev Poznyaky and Kurenivka almost simultaneously near two branches "Sberbank " explosions occurred
22-06-2015, 10:15 Read more
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