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Прес-секретар Путіна заявив, що вімигати від Росії виконання Мінських угод – абсурдно

In Russia believe that it require the implementation of Minsk II - is absurd
11-09-2015, 22:21 Read more

The United States urged Russia to reconsider plans to locate parts of a missile defense shield in Europe because the agreement reached with Iran to limit its nuclear program
14-08-2015, 19:39 Read more

The Ukrainian side will divert heavy weapons from the contact line in the east, while militants will carry out the transaction and Minsk do not stop shelling positions ATU forces
13-08-2015, 16:45 Read more

Point ' Friday , August 7 , quotations against the US dollar on the interbank market in mid ustanovylysya trades at 21.05 / 21.15
7-08-2015, 14:45 Read more

For the present time the militants violated 46 times quiet mode using banned Minsk agreements kinds of heavy weapons
3-08-2015, 22:03 Read more
Річний бюджет ФК “Буковина” - п’ять мільйонів гривень

signed agreements with 20 companies
25-07-2015, 13:38 Read more
Militants made about 50 Ukrainian troops shelling positions
11-07-2015, 09:55 Read more
Чалий визнав, що  ЄС тиснув на Україну задля одностороннього виконання мінських угод

The former deputy head of presidential administration Valery Chaly, July 10 appointed to the post of Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, acknowledged the correctness of the information about the EU diplomatic pressure for unilateral implementation of the agreements Minsk Ukraine.
10-07-2015, 19:24 Read more
Турецька компанія викупила в Ахметова life:)
Over 100 million
30-06-2015, 09:58 Read more
У зоні АТО значно зросла інтенсивність обстрілів

In the area ATO intensity of attacks by armed opposition groups increased: against militants continue to use the Ukrainian military weapons, prohibited agreements Minsk
29-06-2015, 15:14 Read more
Лавров визнав, що Росія має вплив на "ЛНР" та "ДНР"

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia has a political influence on the self-proclaimed "DNR " and "FSC "

19-06-2015, 15:20 Read more
ОБСЄ зафіксувала у бойовиків відсутність частини важкого озброєння на спецмайданчиках

SMM OSCE Observers say the absence or mismatch of heavy weapons, which must be set aside from the boundary line to spetsploschadki Armed Forces, "DNR " and "FSC ", according to Minsky agreements
14-06-2015, 13:55 Read more
Країни G7 готові посилити санкції проти Росії

" Big Seven " Underlines that sanctions against Russia are clearly linked to the implementation of the agreements Minsk and respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine and is willing to strengthen the restrictive measures
8-06-2015, 17:45 Read more
Глава Єврокомісії пригрозив Угорщині виключенням з ЄС

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker emphatically warned Hungary to abandon the idea to introduce the death penalty
1-06-2015, 12:30 Read more
Чотири країни затягують асоціацію України з ЄС

To 22 May 2015, almost a year after the signing of an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU (from June 27, 2014) fully completed the ratification document of 18 countries, including Ukraine itself
22-05-2015, 13:30 Read more
Україна передала ОБСЄ докази порушення бойовиками Мінських домовленостей

Joint Center for control and coordination of the ceasefire and stabilize the boundary of the parties informed the OSCE representatives about regular attacks by militants Ukrainian settlements in violation of Minsk agreements.
17-05-2015, 13:50 Read more
США наполягають на повному припиненні вогню на Донбасі

US is ready to increase its participation in resolving the situation in the east of Ukraine
16-05-2015, 15:40 Read more
На міжбанку долар подешевшав до рівня 20,7 гривні

On Thursday, May 7, quoted against the US dollar on the interbank market in mid ustanovylysya trades at 20.50 / 20.70
7-05-2015, 14:55 Read more
Меркель вірить у дипломатичне вирішення конфлікту на Донбасі

Minsk agreement executed extremely difficult, but Berlin will make every effort to implement them
4-05-2015, 19:36 Read more
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