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In winter, children will rest the longest
9-09-2015, 01:40 Read more
Council of Europe Secretary General Supreme Council welcomed the vote on constitutional amendments in the first reading
31-08-2015, 14:35 Read more
Defense Ministry did not adjust the relevant bill
18-08-2015, 17:06 Read more
They are city council has allocated 40 thousand hryvnias
11-08-2015, 14:16 Read more

The Ministry of Finance agreed to request the Special Committee to move Ukraine creditors meeting, scheduled for Thursday of this week, on Monday or Tuesday next week.
5-08-2015, 20:16 Read more

Lawyers for former president Viktor Yanukovych, who in February 2014 fled to Russia , said that he agreed to testify in his case

28-07-2015, 18:50 Read more
У "ДНР" чомусь вирішили, що Україна має погоджувати зміни до Конституції з Росією

The leaders of the militants Donetsk region demand that Ukraine approved the draft amendments to the Constitution of Russia
16-07-2015, 16:35 Read more
На Руській у Чернівцях частково обмежать рух транспорту
For work on connecting gas supply to residential building
9-07-2015, 09:19 Read more
У Москві провели антивоєнний пікет на підтримку України
Moscow Mayor approved the participation of 25 Russians in the picket near the metro "Dobryninskaya "
4-07-2015, 19:20 Read more
Резолюція ПАРЄ: Росія агресор та окупант

Parliamentary Assembly overwhelmingly adopted a resolution on persons missing during the conflict in Ukraine
25-06-2015, 20:14 Read more
Порошенко заявив про нові системи підбору командирів в армії
Colonel who distinguished themselves in battle, offered general's office
29-03-2015, 10:11 Read more
"ВОЛЯ" починає тісну співпрацю з національними кіностудіями
Volia agreed to cooperate with the Odessa Film Studio, National Studio of Feature Films named. Alexander Dovzhenko and public animation studio " Ukranimafilm ".
16-03-2015, 13:25 Read more
В ОБСЄ заявили, що на Донбасі сторони конфлікту узгодили лінію розмежування

The OSCE to monitor the ceasefire in the Donbas reports that the parties to the conflict agreed demarcation line
25-02-2015, 13:50 Read more
Сьогодні на Сході розпочнеться відведення важкого озброєння
Leaders militants so-called "FSC " and "DNR " agreed documents
22-02-2015, 10:42 Read more
ЗМІ: У "ЛНР" узгодили карту відведення важкої зброї

The joint coordination center to monitor the ceasefire agreed on a map withdrawal of heavy weapons from representatives of gunmen Lugansk.
20-02-2015, 16:30 Read more
Гонтарєва розповіла наскільки зростуть тарифи на газ та тепло

Ukraine has agreed with the IMF raising gas prices for 280% heat - 66%
18-02-2015, 13:15 Read more
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