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Ceremony 67th American television award " Emmy " ended in Los Angeles
21-09-2015, 13:10 Read more
imbued threat of losing its title People's Artist and decided somehow to this effect
10-09-2015, 01:21 Read more

The show was held in the Church of the Assumption Heart of Jesus
5-09-2015, 00:52 Read more
only work studio for children
1-08-2015, 19:37 Read more

French actor Gerard Depardieu has received Russian citizenship and is known for his anti-Ukrainian statements, banned in ' Congress in Ukraine for 5 years
28-07-2015, 20:45 Read more
Буковина відзначить день народження Миколайчука
There will be meetings, exhibitions and film screenings
12-06-2015, 09:58 Read more
Померла відома цілителька Джуна

In Moscow on 66 th year of life died astrologer and healer Juna Davitashvili
8-06-2015, 17:15 Read more
На екрани виходить серіал про Майдан і АТО
based on real events and real characters
18-05-2015, 08:56 Read more
У Білорусі влаштували бойкот актору Пореченкову

Employees 'Bilorusfilmu "refused to work with Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov, Ukraine announced an international search for the firing of heavy machine gun in Donetsk airport
1-03-2015, 14:50 Read more
Кобзон став народним артистом "ЛНР"

People's Artist of the USSR State Duma deputy Iosif Kobzon received on Sunday the title of People's Artist of the self-proclaimed " Lugansk People's Republic "
22-02-2015, 19:40 Read more
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