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 In Bukovina in a terrible accident killed 45 -year-old woman ( PHOTOS)
The village Gorbova driver"Nissan" swiftly hit a local resident
4-12-2014, 08:24 Read more
 Chernivtsi woman driver & quot; Mazda & quot;  injured driver & quot; BMW & quot;
The driver of another car with numerous bruises to the hospital
14-11-2014, 18:02 Read more
 Chernivtsi & quot; Lada & quot;  etched in & quot; Mercedes & quot;  (PHOTOS)
Injured and there were no injuries
13-11-2014, 12:59 Read more
 Chernivtsi last night there was a terrible accident killed a man (PHOTOS)
Car driver killed, two pasmazhyriv taken to hospital emergency
4-11-2014, 13:28 Read more
 Chernivtsi on Vynnychenka car knocked a pedestrian to death
From serious injury victim died at the accident
28-10-2014, 10:55 Read more
 The truck driver knocked down to death and fled chernivchanku (PHOTOS )
Law enforcement officers found 31 -year-old driver
16-10-2014, 10:47 Read more
 18 -year-old chernivchanka broken spine, overturned on & quot; Mercedes & quot;
Went into the oncoming lane and unable to cope with the management
10-10-2014, 12:29 Read more
 Bukovina driver knocked down a pedestrian and fled the scene of an accident

16 -year-old girl with a brain injury and a knee contusion was taken to the local hospital
27-09-2014, 13:04 Read more
 Bukovina woman died under the wheels of trucks
Trailer touched a woman who was riding a bicycle
23-09-2014, 15:50 Read more
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