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У Білорусі влаштували бойкот актору Пореченкову

Employees 'Bilorusfilmu "refused to work with Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov, Ukraine announced an international search for the firing of heavy machine gun in Donetsk airport
1-03-2015, 14:50 Read more
Адвокат: Надія Савченко збирається оголосити сухе голодування

Hope Savchenko Ukrainian pilot, which illegally detained in Russian in 'prison, intends to announce dry fasting
27-02-2015, 21:36 Read more
Газопостачання на Руській відновили лише вночі
promised to 14.00
27-02-2015, 09:41 Read more
Євросоюз закликав Росію негайно звільнити Надію Савченко

This spokesperson said in a statement the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini
26-02-2015, 17:10 Read more
У Рівному заборонили продавати товари російського виробництва

Rivne City Council banned in the implementation of Russian-made goods
26-02-2015, 15:00 Read more
"Газпром" погодився вивести постачання газу в АТО за рамки контракту з "Нафтогазом"

"Gazprom " is ready to bring supplies to the occupied areas beyond the discussion of Donbass Ukraine-Russia gas issue
26-02-2015, 14:00 Read more
У Росії опублікували нові рейтинги популярності Путіна

86% of Russians approve of President Vladimir Putin
26-02-2015, 12:45 Read more
Британський прем’єр виступив за посилення санкцій проти Росії

Restrictive measures against Russia should be strengthened if the situation in eastern Ukraine does not improve, said Westminster premiere of 'Prime-Minister of the country, David Cameron

24-02-2015, 21:15 Read more
Російська газета опублікувала документ зі сценарієм розчленування України

According to the newspaper, the document was presented to Putin between 4 and 12 February 2014 - to escape Yanukovych
24-02-2015, 18:40 Read more
У «Газпромі» схвалили плани щодо відмови від використання українського транзиту

The Board of Directors of OJSC " Gazprom " Approved plans of government to abandon the use of Ukrainian transit corridor for Russian gas supplies to European consumers
24-02-2015, 17:30 Read more
"Газпром" погрожує припинити постачання газу в Україну

The Russian "Gazprom " stated that Ukraine has not made timely advance payment for gas
24-02-2015, 12:15 Read more
На міжбанку за долар дають 31,7 гривні

Hryvnia rate in the interbank market on Monday, February 23, as of 14:00 declined to 31.7 UAH / USD
23-02-2015, 15:50 Read more
From Donetsk went to Debaltsevo n "humkonvoy " to pick up dead in the Donbas n
21-02-2015, 20:50 Read more
«Нафтогаз» не буде платити за газ, який «Газпром» постачає бойовикам

" Naftogaz Ukraine " Not pay due " Gazprom " For the supply of natural gas in the area of administrative units, which start on February 19 said the head of the Russian gas monopoly Alexey Miller
19-02-2015, 19:23 Read more
"Яндекс" поскаржився на Google в російську антимонопольну службу

Russia's largest search engine "Yandex " filed an application to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on Google, demanding a review of your competitor in violation of the antimonopoly legislation of
18-02-2015, 13:45 Read more
СБУ відкрило справу проти компанії "Лукойл"

The SBU said that exposed the deal, by which the Russian company "Lukoil " illegally obtained property petrochemical complex in JSC "Ariana " and struck a multimillion-dollar losses to the state budget
17-02-2015, 19:10 Read more
У Львові викладачка університету відкрито підтримує "ЛНР" і "ДНР"
Teacher Olga Zahulska public support "FSC " and "DNR " and is convinced that the Ukrainian government has decided this war in the Donbas
16-02-2015, 20:03 Read more
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