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These components are necessary for the implementation of European space programs and launch satellites , manufactured in Europe
9-10-2015, 19:00 Read more
ЗМІ: Декілька російських крилатих ракет розбилися в Ірані

According to information received from US officials , "at least four rockets crashed flying over Iran "
8-10-2015, 22:00 Read more

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague intends to ask the House to allow preliminary proceedings to open an investigation on the Russian -Georgian war of 2008
8-10-2015, 18:40 Read more
Туреччина погрожує Росії відмовитися від співпраці в енергетичній сфері

Turkey can find other gas suppliers and contractors for the construction of nuclear power plants
8-10-2015, 13:35 Read more

Russia upset the ground forces to Syria in the amount of one battalion , new tanks and a number of other weapons

7-10-2015, 21:30 Read more

Four ships of the Caspian Flotilla Russia on Wednesday morning performed 26 launches of cruise missiles to Syria
7-10-2015, 15:45 Read more

Access to these data , except the owners and their representatives will receive only " The competent authorities "
6-10-2015, 12:57 Read more

NATO members strongly condemned violations of Russia 's sovereign airspace of Turkey
5-10-2015, 20:33 Read more

Given Russia's friendly relations with Turkey, Syria following a call " anxiety and concern , " Erdogan said , warning that they " isolate Russia in the region "
4-10-2015, 16:48 Read more

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the intensification of Russian air strikes on Syria
4-10-2015, 15:40 Read more

The governments of France, Germany , Qatar , Saudi Arabia, Turkey , the United Kingdom and the United States urged Russia to immediately stop air strikes on Syria is not intended as terrorists " ID " and get on the Syrian opposition

2-10-2015, 15:45 Read more

If the Iraqi government will turn to Russia for the operation of air force against Russia " ID " in Iraq , Moscow will consider this appeal
1-10-2015, 21:04 Read more

Saudi Arabia calls on Russia to stop military operations in Syria and said that fighters " Islamic state " was not in areas exposed airstrikes Russian aircraft
1-10-2015, 16:25 Read more

Russia again used aircraft and inflicted a series of powerful air strikes in Syria in the areas of Ahrar al- Sham and Al- Jisr Shuhur
1-10-2015, 15:55 Read more

The struggle of the "Islamic state " ( IDIL ) can affect not only Syria but also neighboring countries
30-09-2015, 22:40 Read more

Ministry of Defense reported on the destruction of militant command posts management " Islamic state " in the mountains
30-09-2015, 21:40 Read more

On the eve of Russia in Donbass already sent fortieth " humkonvoy "
30-09-2015, 19:15 Read more

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights of the victims of the first air strike in Syria were at least 27 people, including six children
30-09-2015, 17:10 Read more

According to the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, Syrian President Bashar Assad appealed to Putin with a request for military assistance
30-09-2015, 14:15 Read more
Росія збирається скасувати торгові преференції для України

Russia intends to go to the regular trade regime with Ukraine
29-09-2015, 20:25 Read more
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