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It is said that the violations were previously
26-11-2015, 11:15 Read more

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov advises against Russians visit Turkey for tourism or any other purposes
24-11-2015, 18:50 Read more
Diversification and gas market are actually working
24-11-2015, 09:19 Read more

Ukraine is not Russia's electricity consumption , because Russia is not able to leave Ukraine without current

23-11-2015, 16:30 Read more
Мінекономрозвитку готує позов у СОТ проти Росії

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine is preparing another lawsuit against the Russian Federation in the framework of joint participation in the World Trade Organization .
23-11-2015, 14:15 Read more
According to the President , the world must be wary of cooperation with Russia about Syria
22-11-2015, 12:52 Read more

The Russian Navy on Friday , November 20, inflicted 18 blows to Syria of the ships Caspian Flotilla also doubled the amount involved in the fighting military aircraft
20-11-2015, 21:00 Read more

People protesting against " Plato " - system for fare payment on the federal highway trucks weighing over 12 tons
19-11-2015, 16:40 Read more

Ukraine will lose about $ 600 million in exports to the Russian Federation by introducing trade embargo
18-11-2015, 17:10 Read more

Russia said that the West should stop to demand the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if it wants genuine international coalition to fight against extremist groups " Islamic State "
18-11-2015, 15:15 Read more
Росія забороняє імпорт українських продуктів з нового року

The Russian government has decided to introduce from 1 January prodэmbarho on Ukraine
18-11-2015, 14:55 Read more

Moscow expects that events in Paris will put everything in place and will change the hierarchy of the United States and other NATO countries
15-11-2015, 13:25 Read more

If the Russian Federation will not go to debt restructuring terms , Ukraine will introduce a moratorium on the payment of $ 3 billion debt.
13-11-2015, 13:21 Read more

The militants of the Islamic state threatened attacks that they plan to hold a " soon "
12-11-2015, 17:05 Read more

Russia is exploring opportunities for block -lending Ukraine International Monetary Fund in the event of default on the debt Kyiv to Moscow
11-11-2015, 12:57 Read more
Human Rights Watch звинувачує Росію у військових злочинах

At least two air strikes on the territory of the Syrian province of Homs, which has suffered Oct. 15 Russian aircraft, violates the laws of war
25-10-2015, 16:30 Read more

At least 13 people were killed during the air strike Russian aircraft struck including a field hospital in the northwest province of Idlib in Syria
21-10-2015, 21:55 Read more

Ministry of Energy of Russia hopes that Ukraine in the coming autumn and winter not reverse will buy gas
14-10-2015, 18:25 Read more

This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
14-10-2015, 16:05 Read more

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution " Solidarity with Ukraine " , taking into account all the amendments Ukrainian delegation
11-10-2015, 17:12 Read more
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