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Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country " should think about their own safety " in terms of " aggressive actions of NATO near the Russian border "
22-06-2016, 16:00 Read more
Sanctions on Russia to remain until it has fulfilled its obligations 'Liabilities for Minsk II
21-06-2016, 08:30 Read more
This petition was the site of the City Council
17-06-2016, 23:24 Read more
relevant decisions deputy city council adopted at the session today
16-06-2016, 14:42 Read more
Russia in recent years shows a very strong imperial tendencies
14-06-2016, 09:19 Read more

Hackers Ukrainian kiberalyansu FalconsFlame, Trinity and broke Ruh8 corporate portal of Russian propaganda "the First channel "
9-06-2016, 22:18 Read more

The upper chamber of the French parliament (Senate) on Wednesday supported the government's appeal to the country to phase out economic sanctions introduced by the European Union against Russia
8-06-2016, 23:05 Read more
While Moscow does not change its approach to Ukraine
8-06-2016, 08:30 Read more

The German government has made upgrades to the Editor "White Paper " (guidance for the conduct of national security policy of the country), among which, along with the terrorists migration crisis and hackers also now states that Russia for Germany is no longer a partner and rival, which is one of the main threats
5-06-2016, 14:30 Read more
The Alliance is interested in finding "channels of communication and political dialogue "
1-06-2016, 08:30 Read more
У Кремлі вирішили продовжити продуктові "антисанкції" до кінця 2017 року

The Russian government intends to continue the embargo Other equipment before the end of 2017, including the Ukraine
27-05-2016, 15:15 Read more
Quite recently arrested pro-Russian policy
26-05-2016, 09:20 Read more

Russia agreed to the placement of armed OSCE only the boundary of the parties in the Donbass, and not on the border of Russia and Ukraine
24-05-2016, 15:15 Read more

On May 3 through the closed border crossing Ukraine " Dovzhansky " in the large- wheeled tractors were illegally brought into Ukraine about 10 pieces of military equipment
5-05-2016, 16:50 Read more

Russia at the last moment blocked the UN Security Council statement on missile tests North Korea agreed earlier 14 members of the Council
4-05-2016, 12:40 Read more

This was stated by representatives of the Russian- Zimbabwean Intergovernmental Commission
1-05-2016, 13:25 Read more
will place troops in the Baltic states
30-04-2016, 10:41 Read more
Ukraine has already fulfilled most of its obligations
28-04-2016, 09:19 Read more
The border guards tried to arrest her
28-04-2016, 08:30 Read more
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