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And not engage in campaigning during City Day celebrations
28-09-2015, 18:10 Read more
The mayor called for joint efforts to take care of the city
28-09-2015, 14:36 Read more

They bihtymut wife and sons John Geschke
26-09-2015, 18:15 Read more
Still not discussed any issue
25-09-2015, 10:40 Read more
The deputies considered today not a single agenda item
24-09-2015, 17:07 Read more
"This is the interrelated things " - says Kaspruk
17-09-2015, 22:34 Read more
But the water utility debts continue to grow
15-09-2015, 15:12 Read more
It opened at the International Center " Supercross "
13-09-2015, 18:41 Read more
Mayor awarded the sports field staff certificates and souvenir badges
11-09-2015, 13:03 Read more
The plans of City Hall - to restore old abandoned trolleys and turn them into a cafe on wheels
8-09-2015, 17:01 Read more
The mayor of Chernivtsi urged carefully to the choice
8-09-2015, 08:56 Read more
Reduces the queue among preschool children
8-09-2015, 01:53 Read more
The new neighborhoods are built on earth Academy of Agricultural Sciences
7-09-2015, 19:11 Read more
The holiday - the Day of the entrepreneur
4-09-2015, 16:30 Read more
During the voting at the session the deputies allegedly offered money
4-09-2015, 13:01 Read more
In the residential area in the street. D.Lukiyanovycha
4-09-2015, 12:15 Read more
In the two-hour edition ended straight line with Alexei Kaspruk
3-09-2015, 18:16 Read more
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