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But everything will depend on the responsibility of a deputy to the voters
23-11-2015, 20:04 Read more
Yakymchuk more suitable for the post of Secretary of the City Council than Maximyuk - Alex Kaspruk
23-11-2015, 16:06 Read more
Alex Kaspruk believes that Stetsevych not a political figure
19-11-2015, 14:01 Read more
According Kaspruk , professional people are in the " Fatherland " and "Solidarity "
19-11-2015, 01:43 Read more
Kaspruk thanked for the fact that in the second round they re- elected him mayor
18-11-2015, 16:54 Read more
called Bourbaki Kaspruk update your team and regularly report on its work
18-11-2015, 14:05 Read more
Стало відомо, скільки голосів чернівчани віддали на виборах за Каспрука і Михайлішина
Kaspruk scored 33,223 votes Myhaylishyn - 18313
17-11-2015, 09:04 Read more
Members FB noted that "people bought sausage rather than cats "
15-11-2015, 14:50 Read more
The mayor of Chernivtsi urged to come to the polling stations
15-11-2015, 13:30 Read more
We can also support the candidates participating in the second round of elections in other cities of Ukraine
15-11-2015, 11:51 Read more
He promised to promote the development of IT sphere and suggested the city to participate in grant projects
13-11-2015, 17:26 Read more
The company, instead, to remove debris, lit it
11-11-2015, 21:23 Read more
The mayor advised Myhaylishynu remember whom he supported during the events euromaidan
11-11-2015, 13:48 Read more
The fire killed a homeowner
7-11-2015, 16:49 Read more
Заява Каспрука про те, що Михайлішин не може керувати Чернівцями - контрагітація, - ОПОРА
The activists found a violation in the application of the current mayor of Chernivtsi
3-11-2015, 11:33 Read more
Каспрук не вважає, що Михайлішин може керувати Чернівцями
The mayor of Chernivtsi not see it in our team
2-11-2015, 19:08 Read more
З політичними шулерами вести перемовини не буду, - мер Чернівців
Kaspruk told deputies with whom he finds a common language
2-11-2015, 17:19 Read more
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