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And as he perceived as a leader in chemical factory workshop of his 60-year subordinated
17-08-2016, 11:40 Read more
The duties of the mayor temporarily to perform O.Paskar
16-08-2016, 16:50 Read more
Kaspruk remembers what had to begin his work as mayor two years ago
15-08-2016, 11:00 Read more
According to the mayor of Chernivtsi officials should periodically visit abroad
15-08-2016, 10:31 Read more
In Chernivtsi was held TEDx Chernivtsi salon, where the speakers talked about the experience of management
14-08-2016, 10:53 Read more
The purpose of these measures will Chernivtsi motivation to participate in city
11-08-2016, 14:32 Read more
By this power was only in the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine
5-08-2016, 12:58 Read more
The mayor of Chernivtsi assured, this is a legitimate
4-08-2016, 14:30 Read more
The mayor of Chernivtsi believes that competition among carriers improve the quality of transport in the city
2-08-2016, 18:56 Read more
In general, in almost 200 kilometers of gravel roads
2-08-2016, 12:40 Read more

Alex Kaspruk convinced that there should be an object useful for all Chernivtsi
2-08-2016, 12:21 Read more
MP Purshaha asked the mayor to issue such an order
20-07-2016, 14:31 Read more
The mayor said that some of them carry out construction without proper permits
11-07-2016, 18:16 Read more
To have the utility of the new year could begin to insulate schools and kindergartens
11-07-2016, 17:25 Read more
To the installation of refueling for small planes should hundred thousand
10-07-2016, 18:29 Read more
patrol police Chernivtsi celebrating one hundred days
9-07-2016, 18:41 Read more
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