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Footballers Donetsk " Shakhtar " completed on Tuesday draw first leg of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League against Turkish " Fenerbahce "
28-07-2015, 23:37 Read more

The Ministry of Defence said that during the fighting since the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions 2,3 thousand soldiers died
28-07-2015, 15:10 Read more

According to ATU forces , for the last day in a combat zone was not killed , three soldiers were wounded
26-07-2015, 13:15 Read more

July 25, night employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine on the control post "Birch " ( Donetsk region). Detained "KAMAZ " ammunition , which were military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Representative of illegal armed groups
26-07-2015, 10:11 Read more

Also, the mortar attack suffered ATU forces near the city Avdeevka and Donetsk Airport
25-07-2015, 09:39 Read more
33-й російський "гумконвой" збирається перетнути український кордон

MNF sent to Donbass 33rd convoy of "humanitarian ".
23-07-2015, 14:40 Read more
За минулу добу бойовики здійснили близько 80 мінометних обстрілів

Despite the recent agreement on the withdrawal of tanks and artillery during the day, 21 July, the militants carried out 80 mortar attack forces ATO
22-07-2015, 13:55 Read more
Скандал в українському футболі - підозрюють договірні матчі
The focus was Donetsk "Olympic "
20-07-2015, 08:56 Read more
Внаслідок обстрілів бойовиків загинули 4 мирних мешканців Донеччини

As a result of attacks by militants Donetsk region suffered eight civilians, among them - 4 dead, 4 wounded, including - a girl born in 2006
19-07-2015, 16:20 Read more
Штаб АТО: Бойовики обстріляли Донецьк

The situation around Donetsk significantly deteriorated throughout the day. Militants fired at residential areas of the city with its suburbs
19-07-2015, 15:20 Read more
На трасі Маріуполь-Донецьк затримали авто в якому везли 8 мільйонів

At the checkpoint "Buhas " that the highway Mariupol-Donets during the inspection machine that was moving in the direction of Donetsk, Rivne police discovered and seized 8 million hryvnia
17-07-2015, 21:20 Read more
Бойовики з мінометів обстріляли пост військових спостерігачів

Pro-Russian militants fired mortars from the observation post of the Joint Center for control and coordination of the ceasefire and stabilize the boundary line (STSKK), located in the town of Luhansk, Donetsk region
17-07-2015, 19:27 Read more
Адвокат: Надію Савченко етапували в Ростовську область

The case is considered Savchenko Donetsk City Court Rostov region.
17-07-2015, 17:35 Read more
Рада призначила дату місцевих виборів

Verkhovna Rada appointed local elections on October 25. throughout Ukraine except Crimea and occupied regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions
17-07-2015, 15:15 Read more
У "ДНР" чомусь вирішили, що Україна має погоджувати зміни до Конституції з Росією

The leaders of the militants Donetsk region demand that Ukraine approved the draft amendments to the Constitution of Russia
16-07-2015, 16:35 Read more
У Донецьку триває конфлікт між бойовиками

The central part of Donetsk Regional State Administration in the area surrounded by armed men parked cars in yards fighters

15-07-2015, 15:54 Read more
"Шахтар" в 7-й раз виграв Суперкубок України

In Odessa ended the match for the Super Cup of Ukraine on football in which Donetsk "Shakhtar " beat Kiev "Dynamo " 2: 0
15-07-2015, 00:47 Read more
За минулу добу загинули два бійця АТО

Over the past day in the zone of the antiterrorist operation 2 soldiers killed, 10 injured
8-07-2015, 14:40 Read more
Сепаратист з Донецька вирішив подати в суд на чернівчанина, який написав пісню "Укроп"
Lawyer that does not hide his separatist beliefs, threatened the journalist from Chernivtsi
7-07-2015, 12:11 Read more
Аваков звільнив 625 донецьких ДАІшників

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov dismissed employees of the Department of GAI, Donetsk region, instead they will recruit new police patrol
6-07-2015, 15:10 Read more
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