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To avoid depression , forget the candy and coffee
13-04-2016, 09:02 Read more

The regular consumption of dark chocolate will keep a healthy heart.
28-11-2015, 16:00 Read more

chocolate used for the prevention of heart disease.
14-11-2015, 16:00 Read more

Cheap chocolate can be high quality.
8-08-2015, 08:30 Read more
Шоколад - продукт щастя

Mayan believed chocolate "food of the gods ".
14-07-2015, 12:00 Read more
На "Святі Шоколаду" у Чернівцях робили шокогрим
For victory in contests awarded candies and balloons
12-07-2015, 18:55 Read more
Чорний шоколад корисний при хворобах ніг

Chocolate improves blood circulation.
4-07-2015, 08:30 Read more
Фаст-фуд може бути корисним

If replacing sausages boiled chicken or beef
21-05-2015, 12:00 Read more
Шоколад може пришвидшити втрату ваги

The combination of chocolate and a diet low in carbohydrates helps people who want to lose weight, to achieve the best results.
6-04-2015, 16:00 Read more
Гормони щастя

Happiness - it's just a chemical reaction in our body that arises due to special hormones.
1-04-2015, 12:00 Read more
Боротьба із зайвою вагою буде легшою

Means for weight loss - one of the world's nayzatrebuvanishyh.
16-03-2015, 10:00 Read more
Незвичайний шоколад – антивіковий засіб

University of Cambridge says: he created a chocolate that has a rejuvenating effect.
3-03-2015, 08:30 Read more
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