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The telescope is set in the mountains of the southern province of Guizhou. The diameter of the reflector is 500 meters.

25-09-2016, 13:55 Read more

In the Chinese city of Hangzhou held September 4-5 summit of "Big Twenty ". World leaders are already in China and held a number of bilateral meetings.
4-09-2016, 12:00 Read more
The writer visited the Chernivtsi to present his new children's book
13-02-2016, 10:33 Read more
Year Tierra del Monkeys
8-02-2016, 10:29 Read more

China supports the proposal to establish a Ukrainian in addition to the existing transit routes Trans transport route from China to Europe via Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan , bypassing Russia .

25-01-2016, 15:55 Read more
To move to e-government
24-11-2015, 12:52 Read more

The Chinese authorities reported that gross domestic product in the period from July to September this year increased by only 6.9% in the second largest economy in the world
19-10-2015, 12:57 Read more

Action lens resembles the work of dental braces.
1-10-2015, 13:00 Read more
Лавров заявив, що Росія "закрила" питання Криму

He said this at a briefing at the summit of the SCO and BRICS
9-07-2015, 13:15 Read more
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China expressed "angry " reaction after the announcement of the new US military strategy
Китай обурила нова військова стратегія США
3-07-2015, 16:15 Read more
Китай прокредитує Білорусь на 7 мільярдів доларів

China will give Belarus credit totaling approximately $ 7 billion
11-05-2015, 19:40 Read more
Громадянин Китаю намагався вивезти з України бурштину на 2 мільйони

At the airport "Borispol " border guards together with employees fiscal services found in the luggage of a citizen of China more than 14 kilograms of amber, which is trying to take out of Ukraine
19-04-2015, 17:25 Read more
Україна на 9-му місці серед найбільших експортерів зброї

Leaders of arms exports in the world are the US and Russia

16-03-2015, 16:20 Read more
Україна - в десятці найбільших експортерів зброї
Main importers of Ukrainian weapons production are China, Nigeria and Cameroon
16-03-2015, 10:17 Read more
Китайський прем’єр заявив, що питання Криму має вирішуватися шляхом переговорів

China respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine
15-03-2015, 18:00 Read more
Китайці, японці, єгиптяни та індонезійці у Чернівцях показували культуру своїх країн (ФОТО)
International Festival of Cultures "Global Village " held on 14 March SEC "Depot "
14-03-2015, 20:29 Read more
У Чернівцях навчаються двоє студентів, які приїхали з Китаю
Moved here from Lugansk, where he now waged war
12-03-2015, 13:02 Read more
Люди хворіють на грип набагато рідше, ніж самі вважають

Adults infected with the flu about every real n 'Five years, scientists have estimated that carried out field research in China.
11-03-2015, 08:30 Read more
Томатний сік допомагає скинути вагу

In the study, researchers from the China Medical University involved 25 healthy women aged 20 to 30 years.
7-03-2015, 20:00 Read more
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