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O.Kaspruk says that living in the same conditions as the rest of Chernivtsi
16-09-2016, 08:56 Read more
A. Kaspruk says that next year will begin reconstruction vodomerezh
15-09-2016, 23:41 Read more
Alexander Stavchany said that it was one of the most difficult periods in his life
15-09-2016, 17:56 Read more
Gone are August 15
15-09-2016, 17:31 Read more
by car, where there was a man found and was taken to the impound lot
15-09-2016, 14:47 Read more
Vodokanal advises residents to solve the problem themselves
15-09-2016, 10:55 Read more

This is the Chief Inspectorate has learned from its own sources
15-09-2016, 09:58 Read more
They weigh more than 100 kilos
14-09-2016, 14:14 Read more
temporarily in the clinic №1 in Chernivtsi no tuberculin
13-09-2016, 18:39 Read more
Joseph Oleg says that had no right to provide video
13-09-2016, 15:45 Read more
560 чернівчан мають житло, за яке нарахували податок
The following year, these will be more
13-09-2016, 12:32 Read more
The expected arrival of nurses from 23 regions of Ukraine
13-09-2016, 12:12 Read more
Meridian Czernowitz finished wine and poetry readings
12-09-2016, 14:48 Read more
Діти, що відвідують дитсадок на Буковині, захворіли на педикульоз
By two letters to schools that children attend
12-09-2016, 13:56 Read more
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