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In the celebration of European Heritage Days
22-09-2016, 09:35 Read more

Management Department asks responsive to their employees
21-09-2016, 13:50 Read more
The Department of Social Protection told that sends Chernivtsioblenergo declaration under Cabinet resolution
21-09-2016, 12:49 Read more
The work carried out at the expense of residents rent
21-09-2016, 11:06 Read more
Kommunalschiki occupy the third floor of a former Shevchenko District Council
21-09-2016, 09:33 Read more
After the City Council will make money in UAH routes and beneficiaries
20-09-2016, 22:03 Read more
The City Council may listen to the demands of carriers to raise rates
20-09-2016, 20:42 Read more
Son Frozyny Gnatyuk not allow in-house social workers
20-09-2016, 20:16 Read more
The company offers its services on the first route
20-09-2016, 17:50 Read more
A list of services increased by several dozen
20-09-2016, 13:46 Read more
It will control all social protection, so far apart Sadgirsky
20-09-2016, 11:59 Read more
On the street Ruska 248 M
20-09-2016, 10:20 Read more
City ten criteria evaluated by
19-09-2016, 18:32 Read more
The owner of model agency "Show Time" Lina Ilnitska decided to support homeless animals in Chernivtsi
19-09-2016, 15:25 Read more
In the martial arts festival was attended by hundreds of children
18-09-2016, 01:27 Read more
Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Summer Theatre, Philharmonic Hall and Drama
17-09-2016, 11:10 Read more
The temperature drops significantly
17-09-2016, 09:00 Read more
[center]          [/ centerHospitalizuvaly five adults and one child
16-09-2016, 18:38 Read more
Performed 150 years since the birth of Mikhail Hrshevskoho
16-09-2016, 13:57 Read more
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