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Viktor Serdulets said that they encountered another car coming back from the front
19-08-2016, 15:40 Read more
Bogdan Fedchuk of " Hutsul Calypso " believes he has enough experience for this
18-08-2016, 21:47 Read more
fencers Elena Kravatska told about his speech in Rio
18-08-2016, 17:55 Read more
Overall install 30 such billboards funded by the City Council
18-08-2016, 13:10 Read more
Austrian Chernivtsi three found themselves under Russian occupation
18-08-2016, 12:31 Read more
And as he perceived as a leader in chemical factory workshop of his 60-year subordinated
17-08-2016, 11:40 Read more
Martyniuk believes that the allocation of funds for educational institutions should deal with the Department of Education, not the MPs
17-08-2016, 10:00 Read more
Director of the company recognizes that the debt of the population for gas is high
16-08-2016, 16:12 Read more
According to the director " Chernivtsihaz Sales " , the enterprise simply can not pay the operator
16-08-2016, 15:58 Read more
According to the new regulations of the Ministry of Health if the child is healthy, it will take to kindergarten irrespective of the absence
16-08-2016, 15:14 Read more
Kaspruk of deputies overcome veto on land Ruska
15-08-2016, 19:38 Read more
The events take place in various locations of the city
15-08-2016, 17:57 Read more
O. Kaspruk convinced that Lviv Chernivtsi should help in this situation
15-08-2016, 14:32 Read more
Kaspruk said that experts from the Netherlands arrived to Chernivtsi help fight corruption
15-08-2016, 13:36 Read more
Kaspruk remembers what had to begin his work as mayor two years ago
15-08-2016, 11:00 Read more
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