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as well as information boards at the entrance
23-09-2016, 18:40 Read more
"Жити неможливо": студенти скаржаться на жахливі гуртожитки в Чернівцях
Rooms - without furniture, repairs, toilets and showers - enough
13-09-2016, 15:19 Read more
faculties distributed in their own curricula and programs
2-09-2016, 10:39 Read more

Today the university are 2 institutes, 11 faculties, College
26-07-2016, 20:00 Read more
South stand in line, despite the rain and heat, but still no result - quite possible
22-07-2016, 10:06 Read more
Fix the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the military department
7-07-2016, 08:51 Read more

In the CNU name Fedkovych an international scientific conference
28-05-2016, 16:22 Read more
The leader in the ranking of Kyiv National University. Shevchenko
5-05-2016, 12:37 Read more
There ' Job Fair "
22-04-2016, 08:56 Read more
On the old and modern architecture
19-04-2016, 13:39 Read more

teach innovative methods of architecture and construction
11-04-2016, 13:11 Read more
There were no letters from the Ministry of Culture , State Administration of Chernivtsi Chernivtsi National University to establish whether payment terminal in a booth in the territory of residence UNESCO had not received
26-03-2016, 10:09 Read more
This is stated in terms of facility management
18-03-2016, 11:42 Read more
Chernivchanyn published a photo of the UNESCO site with a picture of the complex, which became a UNESCO World Heritage
16-03-2016, 16:56 Read more
According to the order of the Ministry on February 19 , BDFEU reorganized by joining the CNU
23-02-2016, 20:24 Read more
MP wants based on the CNU and BDFEU created Institute
12-02-2016, 14:13 Read more
They will start by fakultetno
25-01-2016, 13:02 Read more
The authors of the video shot during the summer naymylovydnishi corners of Ukraine Bird's
15-01-2016, 12:33 Read more
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