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У службі зайнятості звільнять усіх керівників, - міністр
As central office and heads of regional departments
16-09-2015, 11:17 Read more
У Чернівцях вшанують пам`ять Гергія Гонгадзе
The action will take place at the Central Square
15-09-2015, 13:12 Read more
In one prosthesis need of 80 thousand flip-off caps
8-09-2015, 17:29 Read more
The festival will be the central event of poetic tour
4-09-2015, 10:54 Read more
The festival will last from 3 to 6 September
1-09-2015, 16:49 Read more
The most important thing for the last day
26-08-2015, 08:30 Read more
Natalia Hilko said that activists installed it , ignoring the advice of experts
25-08-2015, 12:50 Read more

Eat more green.
24-08-2015, 13:00 Read more
Троє гравців "Буковини" потрапили до символічної збірної туру
For a successful game against " Heather "
19-08-2015, 09:42 Read more
До Дня міста нового панно на Центральній площі у Чернівцях може не бути

All proposals submitted for the contest to update the banner, rejected
10-08-2015, 11:29 Read more
offers a list of streets with one- and two-way traffic
8-08-2015, 10:32 Read more

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko vetoed the law "On the Internal Affairs " passed by the Verkhovna Rada on July 2 of this year
7-08-2015, 21:40 Read more
The festival will be held September 3-6,
7-08-2015, 13:16 Read more

The Central Election Commission has established the election results in the constituency MP №205 Chernigov and recognized the elected candidate of the party " Petro Poroshenko Bloc " Sergei Berezenko
3-08-2015, 16:17 Read more
Синоптики: У неділю cпека поб'є рекорд за 80 років
In the western regions - storms
25-07-2015, 18:33 Read more
На площах Чернівців установлять розпилювачі води
Trigger on days when temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius
21-07-2015, 16:36 Read more
Рада призначила дату місцевих виборів

Verkhovna Rada appointed local elections on October 25. throughout Ukraine except Crimea and occupied regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions
17-07-2015, 15:15 Read more
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