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All decisions will make the next study
28-06-2016, 09:19 Read more

US President Barack Obama during his visit to Europe next month to visit the UK to persuade citizens to vote in a referendum against withdrawal from the EU
13-03-2016, 11:33 Read more

Prime Minister David Cameron in his column in The Telegraph ranked Russian aggression in Ukraine reasons to keep Britain 's membership in the European Union
28-02-2016, 13:55 Read more

Speaker of the British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Downing Street report into the murder of former FSB officer Litvinenko " perceived seriously " and feel "extremely disturbing "
21-01-2016, 15:40 Read more

Prime Minister David Cameron said that withdrawal from the EU " not the right solution for Britain "
10-01-2016, 16:58 Read more

David Cameron and his closest associates have developed a plan key requirements of four points , as the price for maintaining the UK in the European Union
11-10-2015, 11:15 Read more

Prem ' Minister of Great Britain David Cameron said that if need be ready to use nuclear weapons
4-10-2015, 19:40 Read more
David Cameron is ready to take the country's 15,000 refugees from Syria
6-09-2015, 09:43 Read more
Українських військових почали тренувати британські інструктори

35 British instructors in Nikolaev began a two-month training course Ukrainian military
19-03-2015, 13:04 Read more
Британський прем’єр виступив за посилення санкцій проти Росії

Restrictive measures against Russia should be strengthened if the situation in eastern Ukraine does not improve, said Westminster premiere of 'Prime-Minister of the country, David Cameron

24-02-2015, 21:15 Read more
У Голлівуді роздали атипремію “Золота малина”

The worst picture of the year called "save Christmas ".
22-02-2015, 19:10 Read more
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